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  1. Hey guys n gals,

    This is my second personal grow and I'm looking to make it better than the last time. Right now everything is better in just about every way but the actual size of the buds. I feel like the buds should be bigger. Maybe in wrong but I just wanted to get some input and opinions. I have a Purple Chem Dawg plant thats 23 days from flip. So depending on how long it took to actually get in flower, it's about 2 to 3 weeks I to flower. As far as setup goes it's in a 36x20x56 tent under 2 1500w LEDs (640w total actual). The tent stays right at about 78.5 with the lights on and 68 with the lights off, sometimes getting down to 66. For feeding I stay organic. During veg I used compost tea and now for flower I've stopped the compost tea and just use molasses every other water(1 tbsn) and have top dressed with 3:1:1 EWC, bone meal and blood meal. I'm definitely open to getting more nute's in there if needed but am I going crazy or are these buds small? Let me know please

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  2. They look pretty normal for 3 weeks of 12/12. They would look a lot better under natural light instead of the blurple.
    Good luck.
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  3. I've been thinking of taking her and putting heron the balcony to get some sun but I'm afraid of her getting insects or something lol
  4. Yeah, at this point in the game....if it were my plant....I wouldn't risk it. Between the creepy crawlies and the environmental change..too big a risk for a plant that's on it's final desend.
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  5. Well the temps and relative humidity outside in my area are relatively close to optimal numbers, it's more about the insects and pests. Flies and birds flying up to it and who knows what else. Def gonna just keep it inside Haha. I just wanna make sure I'm doing what necessary to get some fat fat buds
  6. Bud size looks fine to me, most of the bud development happens in the last couple of weeks. As far as nutrients go, I would need a full colour photo
  7. Your buds look of a normal size for this point in the grow. One thing I did that made a difference in bud size and stem strength was to add potasium silicate to my grow.
  8. I'll get one up in a few mins
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  9. How did you got about adding this? Did you top dress or mix it into the soil initially before the grow
  10. I water it in. I add aloe vera from plants I grow with it as a surfactant.

  11. Here are the photos over her in natural light. Excuse the top soil, there is def more perlite I the mix than showing

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  12. It looks great, the purple petioles indicate its a little low on potassium or phosphorus but it's not at a stage where I would stress out. Have you added anything that's high in P or K?
  13. Honestly, I dont know. I'm still a bit new to the nutrient game so any advice would be appreciated. The top dress has EWC, some bone mean and blood meal and today I added a little bit of egg shells
  14. What should I add for P and K? I also have some compost tea but I stopped putting that in at the beginning of flower
  15. I'm no expert when it comes to raw organics. They need to be broken down before they become available to the plant so I prefer bottled nutes that are already in a form the plants can use. Just makes things easier for me.

    Perhaps a PK booster would be worth using, but I'm not sure if you'd want that since you are using raw organics. Probably best to check out the organic section, there are lots of knowledgeable blades who hang out in there
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  16. Let's hope they chime in because I could use the knowledge
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  17. Bat guano tea is a great P boost. I also use this which is organic as well and they have a 5-1-1 for veg.
    Alaska MorBloom Fertilizer | Planet Natural
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  18. Yea I've been trying to get my hands on some organic bat guano but up here in canada the shits about 90 bucks for a small tub... then you gotta make the tea or top dress
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  19. Best organic product....made here in Canada
  20. The all purpose and power bloom was the only thing I used to grow this CBD plant last winter
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