Fattening up buds after the 4th week of flowering

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  1. I am entering my fifth week of flowering and I want to know how I can fatten up my buds? I've heard about molasses? What else can I mix into my nutrients to fatten up the buds for greater yield?
  2. Currently only using botanicare pro blend booom 2-3-5
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  3. They will fatten up don't worry!! Wait till the last 2 weeks of your plants flower-harvest cycle. That's when they fatten up.
  4. So around the time of flushing them?
  5. I flipped mine on 25th last month and i noticed they stopped streching few days ago and now when i check them (1-2 times a day) i can see a difference from the day before.I was so worried that i will end up with airy buds and a total amout about an ounce from all 4 plants,but i think its just beginers problems :D .
    Is this your first grow?
  6. Very first grow. I think I bit off more than I could chew I started off at 10 and I have all 10 of them right now but only under a 1000W how bulb. I have cloning down, and I'm experimenting with mainlining but it's so hard with clones. It's my very first flower and I am so worried to end up with an ounce and a half off of all 10 especially since they only stretched about a foot
  7. Photos are allways welcome!
    Im no expert,but i think a 1000w is not enough for 10 ,I grow 4 plants under 400w hps.
    I red so muchmaterial in so many forums about fattening up in flower and they all say that in the last few weeks the plant changes dramatically.Is just that as a first time growers we don't know what to expect and they just need time and lots of love!
  8. :/ 1000 not enough for 10 but 400s enough for 4. Don't compute lol. You've both got a few too many plants..

    Check out infamous tree, he used a 1000w in a 4x4. 4 plants got over 1100g on his first go.. Remember more plants doesn't equal more bud.
    You have a journel?
    Good luck!
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  9. My grow space is 0,5 m3 :D I decided to go with 4 because as my first grow i had no idea how much will they fill up the place.I don't wanna take up this thread and wanna ask the author - how big is your space,what strans etc.?
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  10. 1000 watt hid is fine for 10 plants. It's not the numbers of plants, it is the canopy size. 1k will cover a 4x4 space. If you can fit 10 plants in there, it will do just fine.
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  11. Sorry I actually have 9 plants in a 4x4 area just because I have read that the area of te light Im using is effective only in a 4x4 area, i wish I had a tent to make use of all the lights I am currently losing. I feel also with 9 plants I'm getting to much shade under. They are gorilla glue #4. I feel like I can be doing so much more to help them fatten up but I'm not. Here are some pics. Btw do you guys have an idea why one of my plants Could have a def? Or what can it be?

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  12. 600w is 4x4 max. I think a 1000 is
    It defiantly meets the minimum if you say 100w per plant but no you shouldn't squeeze so much in a 4x4. I'm so very new to this game but I've researched and read a lot of people grows. I think even with a 1000w in a 4x4 you can maybe push 6. You'll most proberly yeild more with fewer properly trained plants than with the max All fighting for light and space.
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  13. They do look good, way better than I imagined 9 plants would look in a 4x4. But as you say each one will shade out parts of the next. A 600w is rated most efficient in a 4x4. A 1000w is 5x5 I think. And yeah dude all that light that could be getting reflected back, shuld invest in a 5x5 pretty sharpish I'd say. The day they put on the real weight on the last few weeks, they'd also have more space for light to penetrate.

    As with the def all i can offer is this pic someone sowed me the other day. Also week 5 of flower I guess ain't so abnormal to start yellowing due to lack of Nitrogen.

  14. My first. 4x4 600w with 4 plants. I'm pretty proud of them so far.

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  15. Old school before scrog was sea of green (sog). Growers would veg for 2 weeks and then put these little plants into flower. Like 100 in a 4x4 area. End product was 100 colas almost identical. You can almost predict to the gram every harvest.
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  16. Yes ok you got me there lol.

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