fathoming the "consciousness rising"

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Cos Mic, May 27, 2009.

  1. a friend recently told me about how there was some test done in some city, on the air, and they found traces of cocaine, lsd and cannabis....

    ... could this be playing a roll in the much hyped raising of consciousness?

    does this suggest a physical causality? since we're likely all aware of the consciousness expanding/altering qualities of these three substances...

    has all our "drug taking" been having more tangible ripples out into society than we had realised?

    anyone got any other speculations or explanations as to a causality or mechanism of the unobfuscation and complexification of consciousness?
  2. wow. i never even knew about that. thats really interesting. I'm gonna look into it now so i can actually respond with a worthwhle answer in a bit.

    Its quite a thought to ponder though, even if the traces are so minute - being exposed to those traces every day id imagine would still have quite an affect. I'll be back
  3. The only drug we need is in us already. The pineal gland is full of good stuff.

    The drugs we take to stimulate awareness, release this drug.

    The drugs we take to repress awareness, defeat this drug.

    You will find that most pharmaceuticals (legal) are for the repression of awareness.

    Cannabis, especially high grade cannabis, is very stimulating to the awareness.

  4. oh yes, I have done much research on the pineal gland. They're unsure, but theyre starting to think that LSD stimulates the pineal gland to release DMT. Interesting...
  5. Medicine Al is exactly right. The pineal gland is an amazing thing. It enables light through darkness. Mmm, I just want to eat that lil pinecone.

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