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father with a Herniated disc with a pinched nerve

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by bubblehead, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Hey blades,

    I'm concerned about my father. He has a herniated disc with a pinched nerve and is experiencing chronic shooting pain down his leg as well as in his lower back. he is leaning harder on persciption pain killers that are not really doing the job. I'm trying to get him on the bud to help alleviate pain and help him get to sleep. (the pain is keeping him awake) he hasn't smoked since he was in his early twenties (he's now in mid 50's)and says he used to get paranoid when he smoked. what do you guys think the best strain would be for him? maybe some mild edibles would be good to ease him into it? any good arguments or research to get him on the green would be helpful. he said he was concerned about his heart (his father and grandfather both died of early heart attacks). i'm thinking vaporizing or eddibles would be easier on the heart.

    any thoughts, realated experience, hell...even informed speculation would be greatly apreciated.
  2. Hello Bubblehead :

    Don't know on the edibles but maybe :)

    The paranoia is common to all some time or an other due mostly to thinking of " the bust " , once he's got that part down the paranoia he said affected him will be a non issue in time

    I suffer from disc degeneration from 7 automobile wrecks ( always a passenger ) medical marijuana works wonders for me :hello: and all the nerves that are affected ( almost all my back's discs are messed up badly along with every neck vertebrae too ) by my spinal nerve's swelling from the pressure placed on them .

    Good luck .


    Local Boy
  3. I suggest NOT giving him a medable. It is to easy to over dose and some freek out. Stay away from sativa's. Indica's tend to be body meds and less likely to cause a panic attack.

  4. 7? either ure freinds can't drive for shit ,or your one unlucky chap, my moneys on both of them:p
  5. I wondered the same shit too till I realized I have a cousin who' been in 13 ! And as in my case he's ever been the driver .

    Considering I played h . s . & college football and was a heavy weight wrestler with great years if fun and yes I did break a lot of bones - - others mostly:eek: I was never really badly hurt over all .

    And also these accidents I have been in were with different people at different times . Most were not the cause of it either save 2 where I was with a drunk and didn't know till too late .


    Local Boy

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