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Father & Son grow room

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zomg Habitat, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. Hello blades, my dad knows I smoke, hes fine with it since i'm in college and pull pretty good grades. We don't discuss it at all and I know he used to smoke/don't know if he still does. Today i'm going to ask him if he wants to start a grow with me in his house because theres perfect places there. I'm not really sure how to go about asking him, maybe bring up the potential profit/hobby ideas.. any help on this?
  2. Tell him it will be a good bonding experience :)

    (it will be)
  3. tell him it's completely free.

  4. agreed...

    tending to plants is very humbling as well.
  5. Tell him it's Fun.
  6. If you can get a medical card.

    I don't know your dad but most fathers don't promote illegal activity.

    But if he says yes kudos :smoke:
  7. It would be pretty cool if he respond's "Son, how about i just let you in on MY grow"... im just high, but it sounds cool to me.
  8. Haha I called him and he was completely cool with it, he was trying to figure out spaces we could do it in over the phone but I already had one picked out, great success!

  9. Y U SO LUCKY!?

  10. How did you bring it up?

    you: hey dad

    dad: wussup son? finish yo homework?

    you: yes dad, also I was wondering if it would be alright with you if we grew pot together in the house?

    dad: shiiiiiiiit, you some kinda mind reader?

  11. i'm pretty sure my dad used to smoke mad bud lol, he also is tired of his job, (machinist) its not a bad job but he wants to get paid more so he could use the money
  12. i wish i had your father!
  13. Start up a grow journal, I'm interested in seeing the progress of your grow :wave:
  14. nice dude, I happen to have a dad that is all for growing your own as well. hes done a bunch of outdoor growing, and hes been smoking da herb for 41 years.
  15. If only this was how the world worked for all of us...
    Children and parents would get along so much better..
  16. Definitely considering starting one of these up also, hes a pretty good builder so I know hes going to get really into it.
  17. This is how the conversation would go with my dad...

    Me: Could we grow some pot together at your house?

    Dad: How high were you when you thought I would say yes?
  18. Damn, son, thats awesome!

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