Father Son Bonding

Discussion in 'General' started by ford12508, May 26, 2009.

  1. Well I have a few more weeks of high school, and my dad wants to do something with me and said "the budget is $1500". I think the reason he wants to do this is to try and calm me down, because I have not been smoking lately, and normally 2-3 times a week I do it as a deep relaxation thing. I havent smoked in probably 3 weeks to a month and have been very touchy. He doesn't know I smoke, but I have been saving my money for my first grow operation, which is going somewhat well, and because I am starting a small glass collection.

    Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do with him? We have a 3 day period in which we can do things, so one of my ideas was going to a rifle range, because while hunting would take more time, I would rather not kill innocent animals just because i am an angry and bored person. He also said we could take a plane if needed, but that had to be part ofthe $1500, so does anyone have any activities they enjoy?
  2. A fishing charter?
    Any kind of sporting event.
    Go rent fourwheelers, dirt bikes, jet skis, any thing that you guys can go out riding together
  3. go hiking, fishing on a boat, $1500 on weed? lol
  4. the first thing that came to my mind when he said "$1500 activity" i thought about a giant grow. lol

    I got a great idea about the riding thing. Go to a car renting place and stop off at the tracks for a day or two, that could be fun. Lets see how he likes the idea of ripping apart some rental cars.

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