Father of three jailed (for being a blithering idiot)

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    Okay. I just read this article and i can't stop thinking that this Drummond guy is a complete twat. But i am not sure though. I mean, he did get screwed over completely, but i actually think that he had it coming. Messing with other peoples business is not okay imo even if the business involves family members. I mean, i would beat up my brother in law instead of doing something as stupid as Mr. Drummond did. But hey, i might be wrong. What do you GC'ers think ?

    Taken from here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/art...nfronting-drug-dealer-sold-heroin-family.html

    Father-of-three jailed after confronting drug dealer who sold heroin to his family

    Drummond, 26, shook his head in disbelief in the court dock as he was ordered to serve two months for breaking the peace for barging into the Nellies' home and threatening him.

    Perth Sheriff Court heard Drummond, from Blairgowrie, Perthshire, had reached the end of his tether after watching his family be 'torn apart' by the misery of heroin abuse.

    He decided to pay Nellies a visit on Sunday after learning his brother-in-law had visited him to buy heroin earlier in the day. While he was in Nellies' flat a customer arrived and reported Drummond to the police who arrested him shortly afterward.

    Drummond admitted a breach of peace, telling police heroin abuse had torn his family apart.

    Last night Drummond's younger brother Mark, 22, said he was astonished by the sentence: 'I can't believe that he has been jailed for this,' he said. 'He's not the criminal here.

    'Peter is a real family man. He loves his wife and kids and would do anything to help out his sister and brother-in-law.'

    Father-of-three Drummond had told police: 'Over the last six or seven months my whole family has been in hell. My brother-in-law is on smack and he is getting it from the people there.

    'It was a spur-of-the-moment thing. I shouldn't have done it but these people are ruining my family by supplying heroin.

    'It is causing a family crisis and everyone is going through hell. Things have been so bad that I lost it and decided to try and stop the drug dealing going on.

    'I know I have done wrong. I'm sorry. I know I went about things the wrong way, but things just got on top of me.'
    peter drummond

    Have-a-go hero: Peter Drummond was sentenced to two months in jail after flushing a drug dealer's stash down the toilet

    Depute fiscal Janine Bates told the court: 'Both the complainer, Nellies, and his girlfriend are habitual drug abusers and Nellies is also known as a dealer in heroin.

    'On Sunday at 5.30pm the accused, who was under the influence of alcohol, attended at the address and demanded entry. He was allowed into the hallway and began shouting and swearing at Nellies.'

    She added: 'He continued to shout and swear and threatened to kill Nellies if he continued to supply heroin to members of his family.

    'He recovered five bags of heroin from the living room and flushed it down the toilet in order to prevent other persons from obtaining it.'

    The court heard that drug addict Lesley Brown then turned up to buy heroin and was told to get out and sworn at by Drummond. She left and reported him to the police.

    After his arrest, Drummond was detained in custody until today's court hearing.

    Solicitor Steve Lafferty, defending, asked for his client's punishment to be limited to a fine due to the 'quite unusual' circumstances of the case.

    He said Drummond had no other criminal charges pending against him and had simply acted out of desperation.

    'He has been concerned for some time that his brother-in-law has developed a problem with heroin. He was aware he had visited this particular house that day.

    'His parents are at crisis point in their relationship because they are so concerned about their son-in-law's involvement. He appreciates he went about it the wrong way and should have gone to the police. He was clearly agitated by the situation.'

    But Sheriff McCreadie told Drummond: 'If you were concerned about matters you should contact the police, not enter a house and threaten to kill someone. You can't take matters into your own hands the way you did.'

    Speaking at her flat in Rattray, Blairgowrie, Drummond's wife Elizabeth, 27, said he had previously tried to reason with drug dealers.

    She said: 'He asked the boys, pleaded and begged them to stop dealing to his sister and brother in law. But they just carried on doing it.

    'Peter was sure the police wouldn't do anything about it if he told them about the dealers. He doesn't like to see his family being hurt so it was the last straw for him and he took matters into his own hands.

    'I can't believe it. Peter has had a really tough time of it lately. We lost a baby in December. I was pregnant and it came early, after five and a half months. It hit Peter really hard.

    'He has also seen the effects that heroin has on people and he couldn't bear his younger sister and her partner to go through the same thing.'

    Outside court, family friend Thomas Brown said: 'Jailing him for what he did is ridiculous. It is a ludicrous decision and even the lawyer was shaking his head.

    'Heroin is killing the community and I know for a fact that it has been tearing Peter's family apart. He shouldn't have done what he did, but at the same time he was only trying to help his sister.'

    It remains unclear whether Tayside Police are taking any action against Nellies.
  2. what the fuck?
  3. Yes exactly. What the fuck.

    I mean, i sympathize with Mr. Drummond - but i still think he royally screwed up.

    Fuck that Heroin dealing scumbag, but what Drummond did was wrong in every aspect. He should have forced his brother in law into a cold-turkey or as the Sheriff pointed out, provided evidence that the guy was dealing so that they could stop him.

    What he did just made his family's situation ten times worse.
  4. Well considering he couldv been shot and killed legally, he should consider himself lucky for only 2 months.
    Not to mention, there are smarter ways to get something done about it.
    And I am saying this as a person who absolutely hates heroin
  5. that dealer got off easier there than he would have around here if the same situation played out, i'm sure.
  6. Yeah he fucked up. There are many ways to take down a motherfucker, you don't have to rush anything. Also, he should have taken it up with his brother not the dealer, that was nust stpid, get your bro help not go after the dealer.
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    Wow, that was about the dumbest thing he could have done. So if I read correctly, Drummond decides to solve his brother in law's heroin addiction by getting shit-faced and going and threatening to kill the dealer, flushing some stash down the toilet then yelling at a customer who comes in, and taking off?

    Then after this they show how hes such a great family man. I mean, I understand his desperation and how he felt like he had to do something, but he made the complete wrong decision. What he did was just stupid.

    LOL I was thinking this the whole time while reading. Expecting every next sentence to be "The drug dealer then whipped out a pistol and proceeded to put two rounds in Drummond's chest"
  8. Yo thats fucked up. Even though is only two months they would be carrying me away kicking and screaming!
  9. Yes exactly.

    He had "good intentions" but he fucked up big time. I am not saying that the blame is all on him, but he put himself and his family in the situation they're in now. I bet if he had been better educated on drugs and drug politics he would have reacted differently to the situation.

    This is the kind of thing that happens because of prohibition. If Heroin was legal (as all recreational substances that aren't lethal should be) it would generally be safer to use and the people supplying it wouldn't be some scumbags who couldn't care less who they're hurting.
  10. i'm sorry but that sentence makes no sense.
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    What i mean with it is that you are not solving any problems by keeping substances like Heroin, Morphine, Opiates and such illegal. These are all substances that aren't lethal (as in you can use them if they are clean without risking death).

    Prohibition is causing more problems than the drugs are. That was what i meant.
  12. All I have to say is that anybody who goes into a drug dealer's house drunk, screaming death threats and flushing their stash down the toilet is damn lucky to be able to walk out of there without carrying a little extra metal in his brain.

    Although his heart was in the right place, I think it was stupid to put his own life in danger to make a statement, it sounds like more damage would have been done had he been hurt or killed. His bro-in-law would have felt extremely guilty and maybe would have slipped deeper into addiction, or worse.

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