Father disowns me for no college?!?! *long*

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  1. So I've just completed my first year of college and it was a fun experience and everything.. Everything it's hyped up to be and more, but after my senior year in HS I wanted to take a year off, but my parents said they would pay for college if I went to school right away, no time off.. Which I gladly obliged :) Who wouldn't? Going to a good school for free...

    So, since then I've fucked up on numerous occasions and I got my ass kicked out till I get my GPA up juuuuust .3 more... So I wanted to keep my parents proud of their son, I wanted to make them happy and all by doing what they wanted and trying to become what they wanted me to be... By going to this private religious school that is about 2 miles away from my home, which means living with my parents and going to school in my home town, Good ol' Olathe, KS. I initially said yes, because they wanted a commitment soon, which I gave them what they wanted.

    I've been thinkin bout this night after night, and I've finally decided to tell them I want to move out and take at least one semester to a year off from school, which means loosing all my financial aid from my parents and any and all assistance they will give me.. They want me to stay in school...

    I just told my parents all this shit that I'm moving out and not going to school for a while, my mom was just disappointed, which was expected. My father on the other hand, just couldn't accept the fact that I'm trying to go out on my own and do my own thing, do what I want and not be their little kid doing exactly what he tells me to do all the fucking time.. Pretty much discowned me for taking some time off from school....

    Yea, sry long read... A lot on my mind...

    So, my rent is 510 a month!! :eek: That includes utilities and everything tho, fully furnished apartment too. Nice, nice place but hella expensive..

    Any tips for somebody planning on moving out to make it own their own? Any and all comments appreciated.

  2. record every, and i mean every, expense to look over. save, and don't impulse buy.
  3. Much respect for taking a hard first step with no support. Your folks will come around, but your smart enough not to wait for the world to give you the green light. Just be careful with your money. Dont get into any debt. Watch out for friends taking advantage of you having a place. You will make alot of mistakes. Take this time to focus in on what your goal is going to be for the next five years. Take inventory every week and see if you are any closer to any of your goals.

    Good Luck
  4. ur dads just being a little bitch, once he actually thinks about it n realizes "ok, my son isnt the little boy i used to have total authority over that he used to be, maybe he does need to just do what he thinks is right, because he's not gonna be under my supervision for too much longer"

    somethin like that isnt gonna make ur dad disown you, he might act pissed off but any dad who would willingly pay for there kid to go to school cares about his kid and his kids future alot, enough that it would take something really serious for him to literally disown you

  5. why do you want to take time off from school? cuz u wana party and shit? cuz if it's that you'll regret it later and regret not having finacial aid.IMO
  6. you should go back to your parents house, beg for forgiveness then go to college. I almost made the same mistake that you did, then I watched dazed and comfused and realised I didn't want to be David for the rest of my life.

  7. That's for damn sure!

    You think $510 a month is hella expensive?....
    Sounds like a small town.
    Try paying double that in the NYC metro area along with gas and electric and expensive insurance if you drive or if you don't, public transportation money.
    Word of advice is if you can go to school now do it. One year will go by after another.
    Don't keep putting school off.

    Now go smoke a blunt.
  8. I thought the same thing

    I'm like 'Take that, double it, then complain'
  9. I wanted to take a year off before I even started college, but it didn't happen. It's something I want to do, to experience life before I graduate.. I also have no car atm, and working full time will help me save up money to buy one. But on the other hand, I have more expenses so... It's something I need to do for myself basically...

    You should probably read a little slower or take some sylvan learning classes... I'm still living with my parents, I just told them I would be moving out, tonight. :)

    Best thing about high school girls is I keep gettin older,, and they stay the same aaage... :D

    PS: I have 2 other roomates who are paying the same amount as me, which makes it a 1530 month rent total, for a small-moderate size apartment... Yeah, it's fucking expensive to me lol.
  10. If they are paying for your college then manup and go, look once you go to college, you will more than likely find a job making well more than what you are now with less work. What are you really trying to experience, rest and relaxation, you can do that on the weekend with a 9-5 job.
  11. I have no transportation and very minimal public transit systems around me...

    It's either live at home and go to a private almost 20k a year religious school that I do .not. want to go to. My father pisses me off nearly daily....

    Or move out on my own in Lawrence, and work my way up from having just over a grand in my bank account and feel proud that I made it on my own. Ya dig.

    And when I finally save up enough money to get a car, then I'll start looking at college again when I can get transportation. The apartment is around a lot of places that are hiring that are within biking distance. :)

    I'll ponder on this more after I smoke a fatty, in about half an hour =/
  12. a $1000??!?!?! when i was 17 my bills were almost $500 a month. Trust me $1000 really isnt that much.
  13. If you give up the parents paying for you you are going to regret it when you have to pay for that shit on your own you will have to work and go to school you are giving up being a full time student i say just step back and see the repercusions if you think $510 is alot wait for when you have to pay for college

  14. Hell bro, $510 for a fully furnished apartment including utilities isn't bad at all. My mom pays $850 a month for a 3 bedroom apartment with no furniture. Cable (and trust me, it's basic) is $20, and then she pays $45 for internet. So trust me bro, $510 aint bad at ll.
  15. Wait, I just read the rest of the thread, nevermind. I recommend you do what you wanna do. In the words of wooderson "You gotta do what Randall Pink Floyd/Weebie wants to do, man". If you're gonna take some time off, do it right. Yeah, you can party and have fun, but make damn sure that you've got a solid foundation for life at the end of your break.
  16. $510 a month is average around here. ESPECIALLY full furnished? it's a good deal :)
  17. The one year festival without school that you want to enjoy wont be fun at all. Instead of worrying about school you'll be worrying about paying the bills, getting up to work a shitty job and just hoping that you've got enough money left over to tide you over until the next paycheck. There is nothing that I see there that looks even remotely fun, especially considering the alternative of a free 4 years through life and a piece of paper that will help you score a better job.

    I only wish my parents were in a situation to throw me $20K a year to go to school. Be grateful with what you have, take it, use it and do well. I don't know why you'd want to piss that away for a tiny bit of freedom that only brings even more responsibility.
  18. Man I wish I could relate, but can't, I am 32 now and back in college. don't wait especially if you have a free ride. I want time off all the time, but I have to do what I have to do. I am not going to give any speeches here. you know what is right for you, I hope you are making the right decisions. they are life long wether you regret it or not.
  19. $510 rent is cheap, come to california, a tiny crappy appt is about $1200.
  20. You won't regret it man, living on your own is a great experience.

    And I'm sure your parents will change soon and help you out financially

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