Father completed Ironman yesterday

Discussion in 'General' started by xXMelkorXx, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Well..I just got back from Louisville, where they hosted an Ironman. My father was in it, he has been training for this thing for months..

    He finished the 6 mile swim, a 110 mile bike ride, and a full marathon in only 12 hours and 56 minutes, exactly an hour behind the last qualifiying pro triatholon runner. The tempature was 101 degrees..out of the 2000 or so people who registered only 400 people finished the race, several people suffered heat strokes, and one guy threw up blood (that was so gross)

    Hes 58 years old.

    The Ironman officals were allowying people to run with their family members the last few miles, so me and my older sister ran the last 4 miles with him to the finish line, supporting him and cheering him on. He straight up blocked out the pain, and pushed himself beyond. He wanted to quit so bad, but he didn't..I swore to him that if he finished, I would do an Ironman with him, father and son. (Maybe I shouldnt have dont that..looks like im going to be traiing soon :cool:)

    Anyways, when he crossed the line, the tears streaming down his eyes. He told me he had the BEST high in the world, and so did I..for him. Its an amazing accomplishment for any man...but after having a mild heart attack, and major lower back surgery a few years ago..he wanted to prove to himself that he can still push himself..and achieve anything he sets out too do.

    I am a proud son.

    And a sunburt son.

    EDIT: Ill be uploading pictures soon, when my sister puts them up on facebook
  2. 58?!

    Im in my prime and i cant do all that!
  3. Hell yes, congrats to dad, and to family support. The Ironman makes all other sports events seem easy, anyone who finishes is a stud. And to finish under 13 hours is incredible. :hello:
  4. Wow. Your dad could totally kick my dad's ass. Congrats to him!
  5. Your dads a beast 58 i wont even attempt that today thats crazy. But congrats to him thats a big accomplishment for anyone.
  6. i work out daily (lift weights and jog), but i would NEVER try an iron man (mostly cause i cant swim...and its a longggg ass swim)

    benching 200 is different than all that...

    congrats to your dad...im sure that it is the highlight of his life right now...

    anyone else wishing they were in his dads shape right now (without the heart and back problems)....i know i do

    great deal of respect for you and your pops, and even more if you complete it with him next year...im sure youll make it
  7. fuck yeah man, thats cool as hell.

    my own dad had a quadruple bypass a few years ago. he was getting pretty weak and rundown before the operation, but after all the rehab he can run and lift like a motherfucker now. he can certainly kick my ass again. he's 52. Its always a good feeling to see your parents so able as they grow older.

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