Fate, Does It Exist?

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  1. I'm still on the fence about this, i would like to hear stories or any peoples belief on "fate"
  2. I believe it does on a small microcosmic level.

    I believe that everything is connected by a collective unconscious that determines what is going to happen and what is best for the collectives growth. However to the individual, who cannot read the collective unconscious' intentions very well, he feels like he is in control when really he is just playing out the script that he wrote himself.
  3. i say to certain extent to the point in where its all for the best, as long as we stay on good vibes and shit stayin righteous. but i still say that you control your own destiny and you manifest your own life, world, and universe with the events, people, places, and energy that you attract.
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    Most likely it does not exist. There are no cosmological forces that thoroughly determine which actions we take on a daily basis. There is no objectively predetermined ultimate end to anything.
  5. idk what i believe...but if fate does exist i think it exists as an end, not a means
    meaning that maybe the final destination id predetermined, but the path you take to get there is not
  6. "It is beyond is and is not."

  7. i do agree with this but i do believe everything(or everyone) is here for a purpose and when it has done everything it was here for it has its time to go and that time is always right, no matter what happens or whats happening
  8. from a physical sciences point of view how can we be so sure that a unifying principle is not dictating the interactions of every thing in existence?
  9. What is fate, really? Is it the plan of god, or the path of the universe? We know if we put a seed in the ground, a plant will grow. Is it fate it was to grow or set of actions and reactions set forth by the seed being placed in the ground?
  10. well if we look at the history of the universe to about say right before the big bang when everything was compressed into a single point, id say we're all fated to go back where we came from, so ill see you there
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    we humans have a tendency to be so smart for our own good. we are also too stupid to realize the painfully obvious because our intelligence makes us believe were special therefor are here for a reason, leading to fate in the end.

    we cant possibly be a mistake therefor we are here for a reason, this reason would be believed to be fate. or so most of humanity thinks, thanks to religion our society is so ass backwards and intertwined with religion that we cant fully separate from it.

    in conclusion, we are not special, we are not here for a reason, so fate doesnt exist... in my eyes anyway.

    a seed needs nutrients to grow into a plant, also needs the right level of soil to be rooted in, also needs the sun to reach for.

    without the sun there is no growth, without the soil there is no growth, without the seed there is no chance of growth. i guess it comes down to the circumstances that accompany the situation.

  12. I agree, there may be a unifying principle. What I'm getting at is that there are no forces of nature that make it necessary for us to choose any particular course of action. For example, the choice of us all to communicate here on GC is not a necessary reaction to the laws of physics or any other law of nature. In general, what we choose to do is a product of our intrests, aversions, concerns, and such; nothing is guaranteed to happen.
  13. How can you be so sure when everything that has ever happened did happen? You have no reference point to say whether or not it was guaranteed that it was going to happen before it did.

    If there is a unifying principle, a complex equation that defines every interaction ever to take place, we wouldn't really be able to tell.

    The perception of randomness could only appear to be random...
  14. fate is that which there is no free will

    if you can not will the sand falling from your palms to rise back up, then it is fate

    the mind is a choice engine, which is really an illusion, it sends and recieves information and makes actions based on
  15. I tried to say yes, but sometimes when you light the wick of a firecracker, the firecracker does not explode. Most of the time lighting the wick will cause the firecracker to explode.
  16. I believe the past determines your fate...how you've reacted to life...
  17. "If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times."
    haha I mean that in the lightest sense

    Have you ever read Aleister Crowley's Book of Lies?
  18. I was indirectly referring to quantum mechanics in which all certainty breaks down. Since the quantum world is a part of our world, nothing is guaranteed to happen in our world.

    Before we discovered the quantum world, we really thought that we could predict everything in physics with exact guaranteed certainty. It's simply not like this anymore.

    As for the first part of your reply, just because something happens doesn't mean that there is an objective ground for it happening. Of course things happen, but how can you say that any particular occurrence was supposed to happen?

  19. Agreed. What you did yesterday may effect your "fate" of tomorrow. But I don't think theres like a life that's planned out for you though, it's all about your actions.
  20. Well you can't.....either way you can't.

    I guess why Determinism and Freewill is such an unending argument...

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