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fate? choice?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Vitamin 420, Jan 13, 2009.

  1. What is fate? Is it a choice not made by you?
    What is choice? Is it fate in your hands?

    ... Does fate have a choice?
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    fate is the apperently random quantum spontanious changing position of electrons, everything else including free-will seems to be just a series of cause and effects related by the brain, i believe theres no consious nor sub consious free will, it is all determined by past events and brain structure

    im probably completely butchering this quote but "the only thing not possible is to not choose" sartre, that also makes sense
  3. Fate is the result of the choice you make.
  4. In any given quantum-space, does there exist such a thing as time? Or is that an illusion within our own perceived reality? If anything and everything is possible, by the theory of quantum probability, then would it stand to reason that the sum of all possibilities is fate, and the actualization is choice?
  5. Can choice be the result of fate as well?
  6. things happend and ppl say it must have been fate.... but fate is just the eqal but oppsite reactions. fate is not written in stone. choices are just a point in time in where an action can be made or not made.
  7. I think choices are presented by the fates you receive from other choices. Your parents make a choice to conceive you, they can either make a choice to abort you, or live.
    So, for the first part things are out of your control.
    But after that life is just a string of controllable events. Some are harder to control than others though. If a metal beam falls on you cause a building collapses you decided to go in the building, maybe you didn't know it was going to fall, but its still your choice
  8. Good things might come to those who wait
    Not to those who wait too late

    - Just the Two of Us (Grover Washington, Jr. and Bill Withers)

    Oh shit... was my post fate or my choice?

    Does it matter as much as my next meal?!
  9. If M Theory is true, then free will is non-existent, unless one can know every possibility, and if that is so, then there is no choice, only fate, which has no choice, because all possibility is existent and real. Everything in life is written in stone, is providence on all levels, is destiny which is, of course, fate. :)

  10. I dont think everything is written in stone. how can it be,actions have reactions... life isn't set.
  11. If M Theory is true, than life certainly is set.
  12. m theroy and string therorys have a long way to go before being proven through an experment.
  13. Yes indeed... Hence the use of the word "if". :)

    Still, more of a solid reasoning then you will normally find. :)
  14. string threorys are strange becase theres is so many threoys published wiht there own tweaks.
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    Which is why you should take a look at M Theory...
  16. If free will exists under the assumption that "something" (as defined within it's own quantum space) knows all the possibilities; does that mean it has the power to choose? And, if every reality is possible, can it choose to identify it's own own choice-making as "fate" ? Is there a possibility of our quantum space being ... simple? As stated, anything and everything is possible in any quantum space, regardless of time (nonlocality and superposition I think?) then what's to say there isn't a more complex function that our quantum space responds to?

    "Fate" and "choice" do not exist, as they imply a connection to our concept of "time"... a past, present, and future. But, those do not exist. There merely "is".
  17. There also "is" destiny. "Is" "is" the same as itself?
  18. Yes, "is" merely exists as itself. What "is" is, who knows? It may be destiny, if we so choose to call it that. "It" is everything. :)
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