Fatah Holds Mass Rally in Gaza

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Trippers, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. This is really good news. Hamas and Fatah working together more closely will help solidify the state of Palestine.

    Fatah holds first mass rally in Gaza in years - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

  2. West Bank

  3. i would love to see peace over there one day..

  4. You will. When they have killed each other and the region is a nuclear waste land.
  5. peace will never be achieved that way, even if that happens.

    history will not let peace happen.
  6. Neither side wants peace.
  7. FataHamashGaza!

    Hw Aaru!

    That's gibberish for whoopdie-doo, or egyptian for multiple Mose. If you have more than one Mose, they're called Moses(plural). Non-sequiter sorry.

    The truth will set them free one day, despite the truth being someone's intellectual property.

    Ei Sin Pi Syn Sine Sign Hw. More weird thoughts set to mental music.;)

    El ENSI Apt. Ba-doom-tish!:eek:

    Sorry, I'll stop beating the old burning bushes. Happy rally day, to all people of light. Gaza-rific unitizing!
  8. Exactly. And then they say they want peace ....
    Both groups will ignite the idf in no time.
  9. I wonder if this had anything to do with the recent attacks on West Bank Jews last week?

    Anywho, all this will do is prevent Israel from even considering giving up land for a Palestinian state.

    OP, I don't see how this is good news at all.

    Destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews is in the doctrine of Hamas.....:rolleyes:

  10. Then the militants will scream "victim" after launching rockets, right:rolleyes:

  11. Oh please, Israel the founder of state run terrorism.
  12. If there was even a slight chance of Israel allowing for a Palestinian state, the chances of it occurring are now basically zero.

    Hamas is the armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, an fundamental Islamic group that is comitted to the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews.
  13. if the Arabs don't enjoy receiving world class healthcare, gender equality, LGBT rights, pensions, benefits, they are have every right to emigrate to a handful of war-torn, dictatorship-controlled, Arab countries:p.

    Makes me wonder why there are over 2 million Arabs living in Israel...
  14. Here is how the circle goes.....the Palestinians will launch some shitty assed rockets at Israel. The Israelis will then beat the fuck out of them. The Palestinians will then cry like some babies for awhile then calm down. Then it will start up again with them firing some more shitty assed rockets.
  15. Havent read much, and im fairly certain youre a troll... But that me laugh and laugh^^^
  16. I voice my opinion and that makes me a troll? WTF.
    Just trying to be part of the discussion. Not hating....just saying.
  17. this Troll thing has been going on regulary.. dont worry much, if one doesnt like your post - then you are just a troll, like all of us.

  18. Oh, so we are all trolls, is that what you're saying?
  19. You, Dima79, J DILLA, Aries the Frog, Trippers make up the Israel/Palestine troll squad.

    You guys make this board entertaining, yet face palming

    Take it or leave it.

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