Discussion in 'General' started by lovemerox, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. So I got extremely high just a lil while ago and went to Ole' micky d's. Totally ate myself into obliteration. Ugh...

    anyone else ever over eat when they are high?


  2. does a bear shit in the woods?

    is the pope polish? oh wait no hes german
  3. yeah all th time. its like binge eating. last night at like 3am i was high and kinda drunk. i went to micky d's drive though (24 hours thank god) and got $9 in snack wraps and ate them all. haha
  4. yea do it all the time..thats why i try and avoid fast food when im high...but sometimes you cant help it, or the cravings are too hard to control

    your stomach is just screaming "SPICY MCCHICKEN!" lol
  5. ALL the fucking time, unfortunately. The food just tastes SO DAMN GOOD at the time!
  6. i dont think you should be driving if you're kinda drunk dude, lol
  7. 9$ in snack wraps is one of the most stonerish things ive ever heard of :hello:
  8. I get my munch on from time to time but I don't eat myself stupid anymore. But during my first year or two of smoking all bets were off!
  9. I'm fat, I love food, but man.. For some reaosn, I just stopped eatign McDonalds for like a year, then the enxt time It ried to eat it.. Threw up. Tried agin- Threw up. No more for me. Wendy's is where it's at for dollar menus.

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