Fat tuesday

Discussion in 'General' started by KansasToker, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. Anyone else getting sloppy tonight? I've been drinking and smokin with some friends since class ended earlier...lots of big parties at bars as well as house parties tonight it should be a pretty good one. Waiting for a few people to come over here so I have a ride downtown then hittin up the bars and maybe some parties all night...probably followed by a 3am blunt. No class or work for me tomorrow. Anyone else celebrating this great holiday?
  2. hell yea dude! i've been fucked up since last thursday morning... yea im so cool i started celebrating 6 days ago... and man have i celebrated!

    thanks to some business and missions.... i've gathered and gone through:

    14 xanax
    4 adderall
    2 loratabs
    2L of shmirnoff
    about 24 beers
    2 full tanks of gas
    and prolly a couple oz of mj including some pretty nug

    ...and to think i started the weekend off with a blunt and 35 cents

  3. No but I was very disappointed I didn't have pancakes today because today is Pancake Tuesday.
  4. FUCK! That was today at Ihop wasn't it? I didn't even remember
  5. oh man did i eat some pancakes

    perfect hangover cure

    except for smokin' a bowl of course
  6. i got in ah fight yesterday on fat tuesday lol!

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