Fat people are stupider than skinny people?

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  1. According to this article, it's true!

    It says that the reason why people with lower IQs get fatter is because they're not nearly as able to understand what is healthy and what isn't.

    What do you all think?
    I'm not totally convinced because a lot of computer nerds are pretty damned smart and are fat as hell. But then again, most upper-level executives and other highly accomplished people tend to be slim. But for every Bill Gates, there's a Steve Wozniak...

    That being said, if you go to the supermarket, you'll see the fatties buying the fattiest foods and then complaining about how they're fat.
  2. Unhealthy diets are shown to damage receptors in the brain. Also obese people obviously lack discipline and why it is important to maintain a healthy body (so that you can be a healthy and fully-functioning member of the community/society). They don't care that their poor health is endangering their life and how efficiently they work. If they cared enough about their family and to give back to the community, they would have the discipline to stay healthy. Studies have shown that a typical American diet that is high in bad fats and low in healthy fats, have a unbalanced ration of Omega 6 to Omega 3. This in a nutshell deteriorates the brain and the cognitive abilities of the person.
  3. Duhh you'd have to be stupid to get fat just like it's stupid to get addicted to cigs.
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    I cant believe stupider is a legitimate word. It sure as hell doesn't sound like one. But whatever, it is. I guess I learned something new today.

    And I guess you can link obesity to low IQ, because it shows extremely poor self-control, and the inability to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy.

    But hey, they have linked high IQ's to teenage drug use, because people with higher IQ's are more likely to partake in risk taking. And there less likely to believe all the unbelievably ridiculous stupid nonsense people have indoctrinated them to believe about drugs. And in turn rebel and use drugs.

    To bad alot of those "smart people" actually ignore the real dangers of the drugs, or just don't care about them.

    Either way, I think shit like this is ridiculous, these studies are nothing more then observations and assumptions.
  5. I'm... I'm fat...
  6. ...Are you overweight? Because stupider definitely isn't a word rofl
  7. I know plenty of overweight people who eat much less, and much healthier, than many skinny people.. so, as far as 'intelligent selection of food' goes, on average that's out.

    Skinny people often take their body types for granted; they assume that, because they are skinny, they don't need to eat healthy, and as a result they very frequently eat poorly (then suffer brain irregularities, and eventually have heart attacks at 40, along with the obese). Healthy eating does MUCH more for your body than simply control your overall weight, and for many people, diet has very little to do with their fat retention whether they are skinny or obese, some lose it and keep it more easily than others.
    Many overweight people are constantly watching what they eat, or are on some 'healthy' diet or another, and wish they could eat as much, or as well as their skinny peers.

    Your weight is about your body type, your hormones and your metabolism, more so than an 'intelligent diet', more so than exercise. You can certainly control your body type using those things to your advantage, but two people of the same height and the same gender, on the exact same diet and exercise program, will have wildly varying results.

    As such, I see no overall correlation what-so-ever between IQ and obesity, except for the same random correlation you see between IQ and the super skinny. I've run into a few literal geniuses who could barely fit into a van, and I've run across more than a handful of very.... 'simple', slender folks. :)
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  9. "stupider"
  10. I believe it may be an issue of oxygen in the brain. The fat keeps it in the body
  11. Stupid? Or rather, Apathetic?
  12. Well ima go ahead and say that food is a drug and fat people are addicted to it. Maybe if we were all upper class executives we could afford an expensive coke habit and wede all be sticks.
  13. Ignorance is bliss?

    Fat people are jolly?

    Connection? Nope!
  14. Any of you idiots hear of metabolism ?

  15. I bet I'm smarter than you.
  16. I bet I could kick the shit out of you too.
  17. Guess the fat clogs bloodvessels in the brain too huh?

    Do some push ups and a run a mile for christ's sakè.
  18. I luke bein Dum!

    but I'm skinny.

  19. The award for the most intelligent response on GC goes to...:rolleyes:

  20. YOUr FAT MOTHER!!!!

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