fat joint

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by Smoked_&_Bandit, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. 50 times better to smoke then my pipe (and for some reason it tastes like balagna when i take a hit and its not lit)

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  2. just think how much you coulda saved just by using a bong :X
  3. whats balagna.........and why do your joints taste like it.....nice fatty by the way.......
  4. Huh? Save? I don't waste any weed 'n I mostly smoke js.

    But that was a reggie sized j. Looks like thick paper, too. Don't you use "Smoking" or at least "Big Ben"?
  5. Nice J...
    That gave me an Idea...
    Next time I roll a J I'll take a pic with my new digital camera, and then we can have ourselves a little J contest :p

    You should try using hemp or bamboo papers, you actually taste nug instead of gunpowder.
  6. thats a nice ass j lemme hit it :)

  7. i think thats how you spell ba-lo-nie . lol.....dont know why it would taste like that tho.....lol.

    that also looks like enough keif to get you high o_O
  8. cut your fingernails!

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