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  1. Here's my lil buddy Fat Joe (not named after the rapper). He's been wondering about my grow. He comes up to my window everyday looking for nuts and some good smoke. Him and his family poo all over my deck after I feed em. I was thinking of throwing some of their remains in the soil mix but then someone talked me out of it because they can be carnivorous and will eat meat.

    Fat Joe: Hey...yea, you vatoloco! When you gonna get your punkass outside and smoke me and my family out with that fine buddha?! We're getting sick of these damn kernels and pecans! We want your bud!

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  2. Joe was about to leave but he caught me laughing!

    Fat Joe: Hey...what's going on in there? Why are you laughing tough guy?! Someone said I'm fat again didn't they? Didn't they?!?

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  3. It's all your fault he's fat. He always has the fuckin' munchies. My cat's got that problem too, when she sits down her stomach rests on the floor, it always makes me laugh.
  4. lol he looks like this kitty i smoke wit... da cat's name is baby jay, but he's a fat lil mo' fo'... lol.. :)
  5. LMAO!!! That is one fat freakin' squirell!! better give him whatever he wants, he looks big enough to whup ya!!!!

    Better check and make sure there's no steroids in that feed!! LOL :smoking:
  6. How the hell would joe there climb up a tree? If some cat or dog sees him he's dead. Unless he kicks the dog's arse. Which it almost certainly would. Stick him on a tread mill and see how long it takes him to get thin again...
  7. Jesus thats one hard freakin squirell !! you should give him some of that fine green stuff they call Weed bet hed love that :)

  8. boy how'd i'd love to see an obese squirrel on pot.
  9. That squirrel is hardcore. I bet he rolls his own blunts and smokes them to the head.
  10. Here's Fat Joe keeping cool under the table. I'll try and get a closeup of him sometime soon. He really likes salted peanuts and pistachios. He's still nowhere near brave enough to eat out of my hand.

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  11. Lmao!! Now that's one cool squirrel!! :smoke:
    If ya keep workin' at it, he'll gentle down. But then they can go from "pets" to "pests"!! Had one that kept raiding the Bird-feeder. Thought I'd be smart and put one of those "squirrel" guards on the pole. Couldn't figure out how the hell he was still gettin' all the birdseed out until I watched the sneaky Lil' dude JUMP from the Phone line to the feeder!!!!!! Airborne Squirrel Ranger!!!! Lmao!! :smoking:

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