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fat J (picture)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Jubagel, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. heres a pretty fat, odd looking joint i rolled up earlier today. burned for about 25-30 minutes, about 2 grams.


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  2. that burned for 25 min? that doesnt even look like a gram.. but its fat as hell
  3. yeah it was 2 papers double wrapped so that might be why it burned so long. all the weed was very finely ground also and it was pretty tight. i took it to my dome hahaha i was soooo high
  4. not too appetizing for me sorry
  5. i'd definately take it to tha dome bro.
  6. haha i'd smoke it
  7. That's the ugliest joint in the world but I bet it fucked you up! And I can definitely see that being two grams if you rolled it tight enough.
  8. i would say that looks like a gram joint, maybe.
    that mouth piece is big and the papers arent that long....

    but its cool bro, i would smoke that shit anyday.

  9. gross.
  10. lol it was pretty fun to smoke, felt like i was puffin on a stogie haha
  11. Looks pretty poorly rolled, but i dont give a fuck id take it to the head.
  12. Everyone needs to stop hating on his rolling job. He's gonna get better at it as he keeps smokin.

    I hope you enjoy that J bro. :D
  13. is there a filter in it?
  14. ^^Amen.
  15. sorry but you have no bars..
  16. its cool, i usually use 2 papers, it allows for a cleaner burn and lasts longer. i would suggest making it a little longer and not as fat, but thats just personal preference (the twisted end).
  17. that bud in the video was leafy and mixed with tobacco i could see this jay being two grams if its tight enough and the nugs were dense
  18. its two papers attached so it is probably close to two g you can fit one g in a paper easy

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