fat guys/girl?

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weight preference

  1. Fat(fat bastard) is ok

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  2. Chunky(jimmy kimmel) is cool

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  3. Slim(gumby)

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  4. Ripped(uhh you get the idea) is what i WANT

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  1. i was watching Mr.personality and i noticed that there are no fat guys on the show. and then i started to think about how many times ive heard ppl just straight up tell someone that they \"got fat\" and how many times ive heard ppl just say rude shit. now does weight really matter? what do you guys prefer? is a big fat guy/girl totally out of the question? not over weight but chunky is ok. no flab. rock hard only plz :X.

    btw this isnt your DREAM guy/girl.
  2. I would much rather have a guy with some exta meat on his bones. I am not fat but not at all skinny and I\'ve dated skinny guys and to me that is a turn-off. I mean when you hug them and stuff and all you feel is bones-yuk. I am not at all picky but I like a man who has something to hold on to and doesn\'t wear a smaller size than me!
  3. I\'m very skinny and im 6 foot 2 inches. i prefer my woman not fat, but not a twig.. i like something to hold on to, ya know?

  4. im fairly ripped for my size... not big but cut ya know? ... anyhoo I am 5\'7\" ... my fiance is 5\'11\" and pretty thin... i like tall and thin women... not scrawny though.. athletic
  5. haha...... how sad, you made a post about fat people.... i am 5\'1 and wheigh 110! i wish i wheighed 100!:)
  6. I\'m 5\'11\" and 145-150 lbs. I\'m slim but starting to get a little gut. I\'ll start doing some situps soon, as soon as I work up the effort
  7. Im about 5\' 9 and about 165 or so Im just guessing I normally talk in kilos anyway yeah Im really big around the shoulders and have the remnants of a stomach which Im still working to get rid of other than that farely muscly.
  8. I also forgot I like my women skinny I dont know why but tall and skinny is the go for me.
  9. 6\'0 220lbs.. I\'ve got to have a woman that will hold my ass up!!!!! I hate having a woman that gets completely out of breath before i\'m done!!!
  10. I like em a little thicker than \"skinny\" but with big old fat tittys and ass.

  11. I could think of 20 or 30 jokes right now to throw on your quote Bud. But I won\'t, Have a Happy Thursday!!

    But I am 4\" taller and 5 lbs lighter than you.:D
  12. HIGH All, shit I feel like a light weight around you guys 6\'0 and 170 pounds *LOL*.

  13. Sounds like we got the making for a basketball team at the \'City.

    Grasscity Blazers on our jerseys.

    I want jersey # 50 :D

  14. I\'m having a great day! You have a great day as well!

    Let\'em roll I need to laugh a bit!
  15. im 6\'2 235.....need to loose the 15 i put on over the winter....lol..... should only take 2-3 weeks before a summer gets into swing....

  16. Hold your ass up??

    I thought that was what YOU did with your left hand while making love to the right hand.
  17. wow gumby is leading.

  18. LMAO...........We all know that is Bud Head\'s favorite past time!!!!!! LOL. I love you guys.........you always know how to make a girl smile.

    And when it comes to men.......I like them Grasscity style!!!!! LOL

  19. burnt and computer literate....lol...

  20. Wow Bpp, I didn\'t know you were into bestiality ;)

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