Fat free milk or Whole milk?

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  1. I DRINK ALOT OF MILK! LIKE A GALLON BY MYSELF IN 2 DAYS...What's better for gaining more muscle n getting bigger? Fat free milk also has 1g more protein than whole.
  2. Higher protein would be good. To be honest, you probably get enough "fat" from other sources without trying that you don't need additional fat coming from your milk.

    Good luck.
  3. I'm a proud drinker of soy milk, mostly because it has an expiration date to die for :smoke:
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    I'm no expert and don't know your body type.....

    but I fucking hate non-fat milk. I just switched from 2 percent to 1 percent cuz I drink a ton of milk too, and am trying to reduce my lipid intake.

    .....I'd suggest 1 or 2 percent. I wouldn't go all crazy, and try and not eat any fat and eat a ton of protein. alot of the body building diets seem kinda stupid and unhealthy to me.

    ...maybe I'm retarded.
  5. Make sure you're only drinking raw or, at the very least, organic whole milk.

    Dairy fat is one of the healthiest kinds there is, and unfortunately has an undeserved bad rap. But be absolutely sure you're drinking organic and not the processed stuff. If you can, try to find a local farmer who's willing to sell you raw (but only if the cows are grass-fed).

    Also, skim milk is garbage. People who think they're doing their body a favor by drinking that shit are as misguided as the people who think splenda is better than real sugar.
  6. Ya ty, pretty much I'm just wondering if I should bother drinking whole cause Idk if it'll a lil more fat would help me grow (or just energy to burn?) or slow me down a lil. Ty every1 4 helping! :wave:
  7. Really, I don't think I've EVER drank soymilk before.
    I just drink regular grocery store cub brand.
  8. If you're going to be drinking alot of milk, then skim milk ftw. I drink roughly a gallon a day and if I drank 1 or 2% i'd be getting wayy to much fat, maybe if you're not worried about staying lean..

    What a bullshit statement "skim milk is garbage" why don't you clarify a bit. Oh and its a myth that milks nutritional value is lost in processing..

    I know plenty of bodybuilders who would slap the shit out of you for making a statement like that. Way to shun people from milk, brah.

    What do you work in the soy industry?
  9. i think hes defending milk......

    as for the processing part, isnt it just common sense to avoid processed foods as much as you can?
  10. Legally, milk has to be processed. Its illegal to buy it raw from your local farmer. I used to work on a dairy farm and even then he was hesitant to sell me any. Too much liability.

    But it was his flame on skim milk that threw me, its really one of the healthier things you can put into your body.
  11. So avoid all possible fat as its unneeded energy? Replace with more protein and healthier foods? Ty! :wave:
  12. Don't avoid ALL fats, but you'll find that you get plenty from your meats and nuts without milk. Try to avoid sat fats. When cooking, use olive oil as a butter/marg sub

    This is if you want to be lean, if you are shooting for mass, workout hard and eat whatever the hell you want:D

    Then cut the fat once you have the desired muscle mass via cardio and healthy eating.
  13. HAHA Ya I guess I'm going 4 mass then! :bongin:I already eat alot of healthy foods, so ill just "pigout" with the MUNCHIES! Ty for Ur Help n +REP! :wave:
  14. Also dairy fat is not "one of the healthiest fats there is", over half of the fat is Saturated and thats BAD BAD BAD!

    Wow...hope nobody listened to him...
  15. K, Well I kno how to eat healthy...
  16. I drink a load of milk, i could easily get through 3 pints a day but then it gets kind of costly. I drink all three milks since my dad likes whole milk, my mum likes semi and my brother likes skimmed so i just have whatever theres most of.

    Personally i think thats best because you get the goodness from all three, i wouldn't recommend jsut drinking whole milk (especially if you dirnk a lot of it), thats a lot of fat!

    If your'e really going for protein, buy semi skimmed and add dried milk powder to it in a blender. Heat it up, put some sugar/honey/chocolate powder/fruit in it to make it taste nice and your set.
  17. I prefer Whole milk cause I like the taste, but we have skim milk 2. I think ill just drink my Whole then have sum skim.
  18. I don't drink alot of milk but when i do i always drink whole milk with my whey protein supplement since it has a higher protein content and the fat in it is not bad for you being that its an undamaged fat.

    And one thing to remember is dairy and egg protein is biologically superior to meat and other protein sources because it is easier for the human body to process and get the most of.

    I used to drink a lot of soy milk until i found out that soy causes aromatization which converts male sex hormones like testosterone and androgen into female sex hormones like estrogen.
  19. K Ty u, u helped a lot out right there, lol no soy milk 4 me.
  20. I'm a skim milk drinker and I work out several times a week. My roommate goes through a lot of milk, its whole milk, and he works out just about everyday.

    The only issue with milk thats "processed" is that fat stores residuals from any hormones used under the commercial milk. Milk must be pasteurized but the organic milks are probably what the early posters were talking about, instead of "unprocessed". Although, unprocessed milk is kinda weird too.

    Good luck with your milk ventures! hahah

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