Fat Drunk Friend at Camping Does Crazy Funny Stupid Shit

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Gmanju, Nov 15, 2010.

  1. Went camping with a couple of buddies. One of em got really drunk and I filmed him doing stupid shit. Pretty damn funny

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30OPDSOHXyU]YouTube - Drunk Fat Kid Does Barrel Roll in Tent[/ame]
  2. Amateur Hour.

    Thank goodness he tired himself out at the end.
    I though the tent was about to go down haha.
  3. That guy should be wearing a XXXL not a Smeadium
  4. Tent: $50
    Sleeping bag: $15
    Booze: $25
    Youtubing your hammered, fat friend as he barrel rolls around the tent with his buttcrack hanging out: Priceless:smoke:
  5. Another troll reviving old threads.

    Sleeping bags, tents and booze enough to get em all drunk = way more then your saying.;)
  6. wow man, i didnt even realize :D im really high. haha
  7. Who cares if he revived this thread? I am glad he did, I got a good laugh out of it. And how would you know what old threads are, you have like 29 posts?
  8. Andrews, good one? Maybe I can see when this thread was made? What's my post number have to do with anything? I won't the troll anymore.

    Lol, kouchlock I know what ya mean :D
  9. Well if you joined after November, than how is that post old to you? That's what I meant with your post number.
  10. Bro, cause people can still read stories and posts even if they didnt sign up.
  11. Alright my bad man, but there is nothing trollish about bringing back GOOD old threads. You can't assume that everyone has seen this thread. I know I hadn't.
  12. I also hadn't seen this thread. Probably cause its a average video. Kind of funny, but not rockin my world.
  13. Its like what 2-3 months old? Who gives a shit, I could see if it was like a year old..That guy seems like a cool dude to get fucked up with
  14. Hahahaha! Tell him to pull up his pants, crack is illegal!
  15. I think that fat dude wanted your dick.

  16. How does reviving an old thread count as trolling?

    Pretty soon posting anything at all will be considered trolling too
  17. And this thread isn't even that old, I saw one from 2002 yesterday.
  18. "uhhyyzagaha people from youtube dull I like to fuck dollar" :31-:39 was the best part
  19. haha i remember my first beer :hello:

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