Fat Drunk Friend at Camping Does Crazy Funny Crap

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  1. Went camping with a couple of buddies. One of em got really drunk and I filmed him doing stupid shit. Pretty damn funny

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=30OPDSOHXyU]YouTube - Drunk Fat Kid Does Barrel Roll in Tent[/ame]
  2. I love how he tries to pull his shirt down instead of pulling his pants up.:laughing:
    But yeah, drunk people always make me do a face palm.

  3. "I don't give a fuck, because I fuck pussy. Yeeaaahhh."

    Words of wisdom right there.
    :laughing: :D :p :smoke:
  4. Wow, and supposedly weed gets you more fucked up than alcohol? I have to say when folk are drunk they are like completely different people sometimes, it's crazy. One of my mates gets drunk a lot and he drinks loads when he does, pulled a knife on one of my friends once, and tries to eat random shit and does all kinds of insane stuff. It's just retarded when folk get that fucked up man, like fair enough its funny, but its so retarded
  5. I like the title lol
  6. "Ahww shiit" :laughing:

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