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Fat cones?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jeebus420, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. So, I'm curious, blades. When you guys roll a joint, do you roll a cone? or do you roll it straight like a cigarette? I roll cones, and so does everyone else i know.. but it occured to me that some other people might roll a straight joint..
  2. cones ftw.

    edit: :cool:
  3. Im rolling strait most of the time.
    I roll cone only for big joints
  4. Depends on how high I feel like getting and/or if I fucked up the joint.

  5. When don't you roll big joints? :confused:
  6. depends on how much weed i got, man. sometimes ill roll a cone accidently, its just how the weed was dispersed, and fuck it man shit happens. but if im rolling pinchers i like a tight straight joint, i like the burn because i feel like a bit more smoke is wasted because in the beginning its more weed for a smaller hole. and im really high so this might not make sense.

  7. This.
    Not saying it's a bad thang..
    Love every one,
  8. Idk why, i just like a cone. they're sturdier, fatter, and usually better rolled. Haven't smoked a non-cone in quite a while. haha thats just how we've always done it i guess. If we don't have enough weed for a ft cone, we either bowl it, spliff it to roll a fat cone, or roll a regular size paper fat cone. (as opposed to king size)

    btw, do you guys roll regular papers? or king size? I'm all about my king size. elements, raw, and bob marleys.
  9. i do not even know how to do a cone :confused:

  10. when im alone

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