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Fat ass slaps his(or her? cant really tell.) mom

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by supersmokin, May 17, 2010.

  1. Pshh,what a punk,man.Can't believe he really tried fightin that security guard.That dudes probably 10 times stronger than his skinny ass.
  2. Im not one for hitting kids but that kid is begging for the belt. My mother whould have slaped me 3 times as hard right back and then i whould know to never hit her again. Besides at his age he should know to never hit a women. I wonder where his father is because it seems like there isnt one.

  3. Might I add the worst thing my parents ever did was stop giving a fuck. No joke.
  4. I would've got punched in the chest and grounded for six months and during the period I'd have to all kinds of chores that were just meant to be unpleasant and tedious.

    And if my kid did that I'd probably plant some coke on him and call the cops.
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    This little piggy needs a spanking or a kick in the keister.
  6. If I did that I would never be able to live in my house ever again.
  7. I actually like and agree with this mixed method. A bit of the old-fashioned, coupled with some good communications and understanding after the physical punishment was dealt.

    As far as the kids who "vowed" never to hit their own kids, there's a difference in a kid who grew up being punished for doing wrong, and one who grew up being beaten. Chances are it is the latter situation that created the "no-violence-no-matter-what" parenting style of "punishment". Although I never had to live through that growing up(thankfully), I can somewhat understand why someone would parent that way after living through it, although it doesn't tend to help the situation much when you own kids KNOW you'll NEVER lay a hand on them no matter how bad they fuck up.
  8. Right, i think this is much better than one or the other because you get the best of both worlds, the physical punishment gets the childs attention and then theyre more receptive to sitting and talking peacefully and respectfully instead of screaming and yelling, all of the hostility and frustration on the part of both mother and child are exercised in the physical punishment making the conversation to follow much more productive.
  9. Wow. I wanna find that kid and beat the living shit out of him. I remember I elbowed my mom on accident and my dad beat the piss out of me. That kid is probably so spoiled too...that made me sick watching him slap his mom with his porky little ass. Disgusting.
  10. shits retarded.
    dumbasses wanna get on tv, so they overdramatize stupid family problems.
  11. My favorite response vid :D

    [ame=]YouTube - Re: Kid Slaps Own Mom! (AWWW HELL NO!)![/ame]
  12. i agree 100 percent.
  13. I've seen this before....and talk about what a disrespectful little prick. If that lady was my mom she would BEAT THE FAT out of that fatty mcfatterson for even THINKING about hitting her. That lady needs parenting skills and he needs to be punished mcdonalds for 6 months.
  14. no no no no...something went completely wrong...I mean seriously...the very baby that you gave birth to? slapping you in the face...she must cry every night...

    he needs his ass beat...with a switch...hes a mini person...not a full person lol he can't expect to be treated like a grown man when hes in elementary school..i mean come on...

    these kids
  15. Disrespectful little cunt.

    I'd slap the shit outta him if I was there. You NEVER disrespect your mother like that.
  16. i love how this kid keeps screaming about his mom violating his rights.

    ..... You were the biggest thing to ever come out of yo mama's snatch. She's actually the only one who has the right to smack ya in the face. lol Kids lucky though. As most of the rest of us would have been gutted like a fish. Never front your mum like that. I would call for a late abortion.
  17. I agree

    I knew plenty of white, black and hispanic parents growing up that did not set rules or discipline their child, so I would sleep over their house because it meant that we could do whatever we wanted to do.

    Being a bad parent isn't race specific.

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