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Fat ass slaps his(or her? cant really tell.) mom

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by supersmokin, May 17, 2010.

  1. lol .. .. ..

    So, .. Tell your kids *( if there Girls, To ) .. ..

    Ewwwww .. .. Stay the fuck away from this little psychopath :smoking:
  2. The fact that you even posed this question just goes to show you just how bad the Pussification of America has become, and is also the reason we even have shit like this to keep people like "Dr." Phil employed on TV in the first place.

    Hitting a parent, much like your question above, would have NEVER been tolerated or questioned 30 years ago. And(go figure) we never had half the problems back then that we do now either.

    Your example has absolutely no relevance to the original situation. One is a loving parent who is trying to teach their child a very important lesson with regards to respect towards the people who love and take care of you.

    The other is a stranger guilty of kidnapping and battery. In the eyes of most, these two situations are completely different, and should be treated as such.

    As long as the punishment does not cross the line in the eyes of the law, I say do what needs to be done to teach the lesson. God knows we would be in a lot better shape today if we did exactly that.

    Not only do kids not feel any fear of retaliation today, but they also know to an extent that the "laws" are actually on their side when it comes to certain accusations(DCS being called in, for example).

  3. Of course its her fault that hes spoiled. And i dont advocate beating your child for any minor fuck up. But for something that serious, she needs to nip that in the bud immediately. He'll end up being one of those guys who beats his wife and tells her she made him do it. If he isnt taught to respect his mother now, he wont respect any woman in future relationships and will end up in and out of jail the rest of his life.
  4. Yeah Im not justifying the fact that he hit her (which was totally wrong) but I'm saying that if she could have been a loving, guiding presence in his life none of this would have happened. This is true isn't it? Also yeah.. if I was his mother and he slapped me.... ohhh shit. I feel bad for the emergency room staff that had to fix him up after I was done :rolleyes:. If she loved him (not saying she doesn't but it's not really that obvious that she does) and guided him in the right direction in the first place none of this shit would have happened right? He does need to respect his mom though. Even though I would get soo pissed off at my mom the thought of hitting her never crossed my mind in the first place.

  5. No ones perfect bro, mothers included. And i agree that shes obviously made mistakes with him in the past and of course its her fault that he even considered hitting her as an option but i see no evidence suggesting he was ignored, neglected or abused in anyway. He just seems like a kid who didnt get what he wanted so he threw a fit. And she doesnt know how or is afraid to deal with that kind of behavior. So yes the mother is to blame, but the kid is obviously old enough to know better and should have gotten his butt beat right then and there.
  6. Theres nothing wrong with her, shes a sweet lady. that kid lives a really fucking comfortable life so its something to envy. he'd smarten up in a bit and love her to death i bet. i mean come on most you guys, sadly, barely visit your parents so this is gonna work out fine for the mom in the long run.

    i thought you were just fucking around but that really does look like a chick. i thought this was the view or something when it started.
  7. So, this generation of bad parents who don't discipline their kids, what kind of parents raised them to think the way they do?

  8. They were kids that were hit as kids and vowed never to do that to their kids. Or they took a parenting class that told them never to hit their kids and to use time outs or to sit and talk. Which i think using a combination of the two methods is the proper way to parent. My mom did this for both my sister and I. After getting spanked we would be sent to our room for an hour or so then she would come in and talk to us calmly and respectfully. It bonded us and made our relationship that much stronger. I always felt like she loved me during those talks. And i plan on doing the same for my children.
  9. id get fucked up
  10. Damn. That kid just made his mom his bitch. If I did that to my parents they'd make me woop my own ass. I always see this type of shit happen in more upscale neighborhoods and spoiled white kids. Not to be racist, but thats just what i see. That shit would never happen in Oakland or among immigrant families. For god sake parents, please beat your kids.
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    Damn!!!! How old is this kid? 9, 10, 11??? She's ARGUING with a little kid, her son! She has the authority, and can tell him "no" whenever she pleases, but she chooses to ARGUE with HIM??? Good God....

    I was raised with respect for others, but nowadays kids are so spoiled and not disciplined.

    Hell, in the High School I go to (I'm 18), every day in 2nd hour these girls sit and talk while the teacher is trying to explain what we're doing. And then have the nerve to talk back with that "I run shit" attitude, PISSES me off. I've almost gone off on them a few times.

    A kid farted in class one day, and one of those girls in the group literally jumped up and started screaming at him, droppin about 1000 F bombs, and when our teacher told her to stop she yells "No!!!"

    .......We continued on, with her being distracting until she finally sat down and pouted. But WTF! NOTHING HAPPENDS!!! She wasted a good 20 minutes, and though it was all so stupid it was fun, DISCIPLINE was lacking.

    Sorry for the rant but if this is the way America is shaping to be, than we're going to be an ever bigger asshole of a country with much slimier shit taking spots of power with it (if Obama does indeed do something we may have momenteral peace, but once people get away from all the motivation when he's out people will retain their old habbits).

    If that type of shit happend when I was growing up I would have a very sore ass from spanking and get a mouthful (verbally and sometimes soap), they made sure I had respect and put the fear of God into me when they disciplined me lol.
  12. Except that parenting classes nowadays tell you that time-out is psychologically damaging to the child. :rolleyes: I know this because I'm the overseer of a parenting class my work puts out for free. I just sit there and roll my eyes the whole time.

    It's funny that the generations before us grew up just fine, with strict parents and little psychological damage. Now all of a sudden our children are too fragile to deal with a swift kick in the ass, or an hour or two in their room, alone, without electronics? Give me a fucking break.

    Society is forging a bunch of disrespectful little brats who honestly believe it's ok to act out if they don't get what they want. There is no discipline anymore. Parents are being told that it's necessary for them to be friends to their children, rather than being a proper parent. Good parenting means making tough decisions and forcing your children to see that there is a chain of authority that they must be obedient to if they want to get by in life with little trouble. Nowadays so-called "parenting classes" tell us that the proper way to discipline a kid is to level with them. No, it's not, and it never will be. If time-out and spanking are off limits what else is there? Absolutely nothing...and that's why we're seeing what we're seeing in the upcoming generation: blatant disrespect and disregard for the proper way of doing things, as well as an increased juvenile crime rate and imprisonment.

  13. honslty if my kid EVER slaped me, i would beat the shit out of them

    well not exacty but i dont see anything wrong with spanking or anything, i mean if a kid can beat the shit out of me, but then the second I LAY A FINGER ON THEM, even tho IM the parent and i created the piece of shit, i get in trouble.

    kids have it easy now adays that's why there all brats.
  14. [ame=""]YouTube- Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

    This is the same shit we're talking about. If this kid got hit as a child he never would have acted this way, its just pure textbook disrespect. And the security guard wouldnt have had to do the job his parents never did.
  15. someone put this fat fuck in cambodia for 60 days. please. and teach a lesson to all these dumbass little kids.
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    I agree 100% and it's very true.

    I remember seeing a child acting up at Target and his parents just sitting there telling him that he can't act like that. I sat there and watched this go on for like 7-8 minutes before the kid ran off where they had to chase him.

    It does sicken me. It also sickens me to see that our school systems are making exceptions for kids who don't do what they're suppose to. I remember hearing that the state of Michigan wasn't giving out F's anymore because it would make the children feel bad. Instead they get the letter H and have an extra six weeks to make up what they failed. Or schools not being allowed to make corrections in red ink because it "demoralizes" children.

    Are you fucking serious?! Yeah that's exactly how the real world works. No such thing as competition or survival of the fittest. Tell your boss that you need a 6 week entension on your project because it was too hard. They'll give you it because that's how the real world is. :rolleyes:

    We're preparing this world for the weak...

    I know people won't agree with what I'm saying but you cannot deny the truth in that.
  17. damn, if i ever did that to my mom, my dad would've put me in the fucking hospital on life support
  18. There's two sides to every story, you never know what could be going on at home when there are no cameras.

    I may be cynical towards this this type of interaction because I came from a home with an EXTREMELY abusive mother and... I guess I'm just not over it yet :(
  19. I hate to say this,but if I ever had a kid like that I'd probably beat his ass.I don't really like kids to begin with...
  20. ITs hard to tell what kindof a parent she is, because shes obviously got her guard up for the camera. He doesn't.

    Lemme put it this way, I told my mom to "Open the fucking door" when i was 5. Sadly that door is at the VERY top of the stairs on the 2nd floor of the house we lived in, she kicked the door open, it hit me, i fell down the stairs, she caught me, and beat the fuck out of me some more. Lets just say it was a good 5 years before "Fuck" slipped my lips again.
    I slapped my mom on the arm when i was 7. She put a can of soup in a sock and bruised my ass so bad i could barely walk.

    "My parents drugged me all the time. I was drug to church on sunday, drug to school every morning, drug to the backyard when i did something wrong, and drug back to the table if i didn't eat my green beans.
    Those drugs still flow through my blood to this very day." ~Yours Truly

    And the rules I learned, are still embedded into the skin on my chinny chin-chin.

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