fat ass dank quarter for the weekend

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by brian hobo, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. just copped these 2 nugs for this weekend...me and some friends are going to this kid's lakehouse in new york. we all pitched and got a quarter. stuff looks really nice.

    this one's a little out of focus, but shows the size compared to a quarter (the coin)

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  2. good closeup...don't mind the background, i was in my bathroom.

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  3. last shot

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  4. quality looks excellent...quantity looks ok
  5. yea, that looks like maybe... 5 grams? it does look crystally too if you look at it, it's quiet nice bud!
  6. That looks like the shit I usually get, extremely "hyper" highs ;) How much did you pay ?
  7. looks like some nice shit to me. As for crystals, for me they don't usually show up in pictures I take of my bud, maybe its the same case with him?
  8. thats looks great, i wish i can get stuff like that down here, i mean like full nuggets, u know?
  9. nice orange hairs =)
  10. $75, no seeds, orange hairs, some good crystals (didn't show)...i was happy. my brother said it looked a little skimpy but we got it off one of his best friends who wouldn't skimp us out, it was dense as hell and i beleive it was a quarter.

    we rolled the smaller bud into 3 joints and smoked 'em all and smoked a couple bowls off the bigger nug. one small joint of this shit got 5 of us stoned. it was good.
  11. damn that looks bomb man...nice find
  12. just rolled some with my new vanilla papers...these things taste so fucking sweet.

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  13. nice roll on that last pic..how much did you fit in that wrap?
  14. around 3/4 of a gram and a roach.
  15. Is that just your share or all of the herb you picked up. That looks like 3 grams to me. You said it was dense so its prolly 4-5 grams. Sorry to say this but im pretty sure you got swindled. Ive seen alot of quads and that doesnt look like one. Its pretty cmon for dealers to spot a newb and take advantage. If I were you I would tell your bro to have a talk with that guy so it doesnt happen again.

    Atleast it looks like good herb. Next time watch it being weighed. If your uncertain then ask to weigh it or tell him you want it in grams bags or your friend wants his part weighed out.

  16. ahhhh the vanilla papers.......i used to have those they were so good........i cant find them anymore though.........
  17. I have those same papers... They taste really good
  18. looks nice, especially for only 75 a 1/4.
  19. dank herb, im not so sure thats 7 g's, but ill take ur word.....and that thing u rolled....thats a fuckin 'gar bro.....nice roll on that 1

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