Fat ass cat

Discussion in 'General' started by 420girlie, Feb 16, 2002.

  1. My cat is so fat! I went to get some munchies and she was on the Kitchen table eating my Valentines flowers. What a biotch, she just sat there and looked at me like she was doing nothing wrong.

    When I scared her down she wouldn't jump off the edge, she ran over to where one of the chairs was pushed in and squeezed her fat ass between the chair back and the table, jumped onto the chair and then jumped down. What a fat ass.
  2. fat ass cat made me think of fat black cat which we have,,,infact thats its name.fat black cat and a real ugly skinny one named monkey....
  3. <center><font size="3">Greedy weed hungry punk ass cat named SCRUBBY!</font>

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. my cat's getting fat too! i just realized when i picked him up the other day, OMG somebody's got a lil PUDGE goin' on!
    we just got a fish tank (my valentine gift!) and he's going crazy over it, even though there's no fish in it yet, I caught him sleeping in it when it was empty the other day.
    Always has to get his nose into everyone else's business :D
    I love him that way tho. He gets mad if he doesn't get to taste test the chips I'm eating or anything.

    He isn't getting any more taste tests now, he's gotta lose the pudge :D
  5. <center>...didn't you think satan [​IMG] cat Scrubby was cute? talk about a pain in the ass... [​IMG]
  6. Menace he's adorable man I'm sorry I just get a lil stoney...
    Aren't the hellions the best type of cats to have tho?
    Endless entertainment.
    I made a new toy for my cat the other day, I took a toilet paper roll and tied a hemp string to it. On the hemp string I tied a few plastic fish and turtle shaped beads, and a bell (leftover from some christmas ornament he tore apart).
    I then wrapped the string inside the roll so the beads and bell roll around inside the tube when you roll it across the floor.

    Motherfucker's been at it since, all you hear is JINGLEJINGLEJINGLE

  7. One time I was trippen on shrooms and I wanted to play w/ this kitten so I took some dental floss and started teasing the cat w/ it and I just tripped out on the string twirling for hours. When the cat left I started playing w/ this little 6yr old mexican kid, it was bizzare. I dangled the string in front of his face for a while and he started playing w/ it like a cat :)

    worked for me
  8. We are down to three cats at home on the farm (from a high point of 6 cats earlier, - yes they were all given to good homes). The last cat to go was my favorite. At eight months old he weighed twice as much as his momma. All he wanted to do was eat, sleep, and make love to the other cats - and it didn't matter whether they were male/female. in heat/or not, fixed/or not fixed. He was poking machine. He now resides with some older relatives that will spoil him to death and feed him till he bursts.

    I loved sitting around with him because he would lick my fingers to get the joint residue and then drink my beer to wash it down.

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