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  1. First grow and I seemed to be doing everything okay- but for a v. minor issue of leaf burn at the start. Nothing was dying, I had it sussed! My little plant had reached the grand old height of 18 ins, all green and perky. Bit on the tall side, but apparently to be expected for a windowsill grow.

    I had no intention of LST'ing or whatever you call it, was just gunna leave it up to mother nature. I had started to get a bit concerned about the height thing, but purely for practical reasons, I'm only five foot and a fag paper and it was getting a bit cumbersome carting it out to the garden every day. However, I had resigned meself to the fact that I was just gunna have to grin and bear it.

    Serves me right for being a smug git I spose, karma and all that, but I got back from work day before yesterday to find my fat arsed bull terrier had parked herself right on top of my plant. There she was, caught in the act, just bloody sat there, balanced on the pot licking a fan leaf!

    It was like being in a horror film, I swear you coulda heard that psycho shower sound effect and it wouldn't have been outta place! lol

    She must have been right comfy because I had to physically push the fat cow off it!

    The damage was pretty horrible, about half way up the stem had creased and split, most of the big leaves were also in a bit of a sad state, half chewed and dog-arse mangled. I reckoned my plant was gunna be an ex-plant by the end of the day.

    It woulda been rude to just give up on the poor thing, so after a bit of panic swotting I thought I'd give it my best shot and keep my fingers well crossed.

    First I pinched off all the damaged big fan leaves, I figured that as they were in such a sorry state, the plant would be directing all its energy into keeping em alive as best it could. Seemed kinda brutal, but desperate times and all that. I attached the top of the stem to the side of the pot with a bit of garden string and some sellotape.

    So far, things seem to be okay, I've made sure the pot is up and out of the way in case tubby has another bright idea. I've put a coupla flourescents up for a bit of extra help. By the following day the leaves were all pointing skyward and nothing seems to be drooping *phew*. I'll give it a week or so before I breathe a sigh of relief.

    So there you have it, Fat arse LST, not to be recommended!

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  2. Ooh, and I forgot, big up to Doc Chronic for gettin me seeds here in 4 days!

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