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    I don't want to alienate or offend anyone, but I see this kind of thing going on in society far too much. Particularly 1st world society. Fat is idolized and viewed as "ok" whereas gym bods are shunned by many people. What kind of society do we live in where people who want to be healthy are viewed as eccentric or "weird" and fatness is celebrated; at the very least, the average joe doesn't care about the slow-suicide of being overweight OR obese. My friends know I'm a bit of a health "freak" (according to whom, I wonder) and some of my buds are overweight. I worry about their health, since they are my friends after all, but I would never tell them that they need to lose weight. my rationale is "lead by example." I figure if they see me eating healthy and exercising, they might be more inspired to do so, rather than me forcing a lifestyle upon them that they might not want.

    Note: I did not make this pic.


    That 2nd photo eventually got 100,000+ Likes. I'm sure she's a pleasant girl, but there's no way anybody at that weight doesn't have health issues/won't have health issues in the near future.
  2. yeah bro you're totally right

    this is why fat people are ridiculed every day


  3. I've never personally witnessed someone being bullied for their fatitude.

    I have, however, witnessed racism, sexism, ageism, skinnyism and a LOT of homophobia. Fatism? Not even once.

  4. The Stigma of Being 'Fat' - NYTimes.com
    Stories > Body image > Height & weight > I'm sick of being fat - Somazone
    Weight Loss Forum - get made fun of all of the time for being fat

    No, no, you're right. It never happens at all.

    i'm sorry man, where do you live? if you've seriously never seen someone being bullied for being fat your brain must be blocking it out to defend your views or something

    do you perhaps live in an alternate universe that contains no fat people to be made fun of?
  5. When you get on cannabis oil it regulates your body and puts you to the perfect weight. Personally i used to look like the guy with the abs about a year ago when i still boxed, but i realized that i think it's better to be healthy and exercise, but not to beat your body up too much in a gym. I think being all natural is much better.

    Maybe i avoided the main question but obviously it's idiotic to think its better to be fat than in shape...(where do they do that?) lol

    Anyhow it's all natural for me now a days, with moderate exericise such as jogging.
  6. I don't think there's anything wrong with the way she looks..

  7. im a big guy, yet during most months of the year i probably get more exercise than a solid 90% of GC. my arms are muscular... well they were until about 2 months ago lol. my calves are rock hard, and ive probably got more muscular endurance than a significant amount of GC. i also eat considerably healthier than anybody i know. i grow my food, i know where my meat comes from.

    what im saying is not everybody who is large is unhealthy as balls, and i find you health freaks absolutely hilarious and ridiculous in your assumptions.

    go hiking, or work on a farm, or something rather than going to the sweaty ass gym and getting all weird about shit that should just happen naturally.

    i know its probably not common for people like me to exist, and that big girl in the picture there is probably nowhere near fit, but it happens.
  8. All I can say is, that o post was way too fat.........
  9. "Fuck this gay earth" Really?
    Obvious ugly troll is obvious
  10. Personal preference - Girl #1...her abs are nasty. Way too defined. UGH! Imagine you are laying in bed and you touch her stomach and it feels like a man's. No fucking thank you. I prefer myself (and my women) to be soft and curvy.

    Ok so here is what I think. Girls grow up with this idea in their heads about how they should look. They see it in magazines, in movies and on tv. They see those girls getting attention, dates and boyfriends. They see how so many guys want those thin, fit girls. It's torture to know that you don't look like that. Now while it might not be the picture of health when you are 170+ pounds I think the point is that you love yourself in spite of those flaws. It's easy to say "Work out, eat healthy, work hard and you can look like that." But how about a little less judgement and a little more understanding. Try to put yourself in a young woman's shoes. Dealing with feelings of inadequacy and shame. There is a middle ground between being obese and being model thin. There are a lot of girls who work out and eat healthy and still can't get below a certain weight. Should they starve themselves in an attempt to hold themselves to an impossible standard?
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    Oh, I'm sure it happens. But it's not a big problem. The NYTimes loves to over-exaggerate.
    Case and point: [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjKx1AGsjHU]NY Times Editor Regrets Coverage of Iraq WMDs - YouTube[/ame]
    And before you respond with something stupid like "did you just compare being fat with hte Iraq war?"

    No, I'm not comparing being fat with the Iraq War. I'm establishing a pattern of the NYTimes unwillingness to fact-check.

    I sense some hostility. Are you overweight IRL? Did I offend?

    I live in NYC. Lots of fat people here.
  12. tbh bro, this whole post is pretty fucked up. I grew up fat (fucked up my hip young, couldn't walk for a while, hurt to run n shit, still does). Still am fat, dieting though. And you have no clue what it's like.

    But it's all good, bro.

    I'm sure the bullying just made be a better person...

  13. I think her face is pretty, but she's undeniably overweight, which is not a good thing obv. :smoking:

  14. I think the point is that while yes, she is overweight, she is not ashamed of her body.
  15. I used to be fat and got treated like shit

    Now I'm fit and people treat me a lot better.

    I don't know what you are smoking op

  16. Whether NYtimes is accurate or not the point remains. People are ridiculed every day for being fat and your posts just flat out deny this. Troll?

    And no I'm not fat go troll somewhere else
  17. She's still pretty good looking, but she'd be better looking if she lost a bit of weight. Not even that much really, most guys do like their girls round :D
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    I didn't make the picture. I found it online. Don't shoot the messenger and don't accuse people of trolling if you don't actually understand what that word means. :rolleyes:

    I'm actually pretty cute ^_^
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    People talk shit about what they are jealous of. DO you think people are talking shit for their health or something? THe majority of americans are now overweight. So its like go fat team go. Fuck the fit team. WHen you are on the same team, in this case the fat team you jerk each other off to feel good. Ohh you look lik youre on the verge of a heartattack but you look so pretty keep eating ice cream so i d ont have to stop it makes me feel better. If i have to stop eating ice cream so im not obese well fuck that i dont want to look healthy. Healthy looks gross cuz then i cant ride one of those little scooters around walmart with my ass cheeks dangling over the side. And yea im jealous of fat people. But i would care too much if i was obese to keep on that path.
  20. I wouldn't wanna be fat just because it'd be such a pain in the ass dragging all that extra weight around. It would really suck not being able to run more than 10 feet. There's lots of disadvantages to being fat besides aesthetics.

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