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  1. Anyone else fasting in this great month of Ramadan and avoiding smoking pot?
  2. why fast? There is absolutely no reason to do so. Are you scared that you will go to the fictional hell if you don't?
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    Fasting has been ordained to cultivate righteousness in mankind. A child may want candy, but knowing its harmful effect a mother will refuse to indulge the child, not because she wishes to see her child cry but for the child’s own good. Likewise, Allah does not wish suffering upon those who fast, but ordains it so that they may become righteous and pure. The command of fasting does not benefit or take away from the glory of Allah but is only for the benefit of those who fast.

    Fasting in Ramadan is one means to protect oneself and keep oneself righteous. Fasting is not merely abstinence from food and drink, but all the organs of the body must be in a state of fasting. The fast of the eyes is not to look at what is forbidden; the fast of the tongue is not to lie and slander and likewise, every organ must stay away from wrong. A Muslim in Ramadan must be in a state of fasting from head to toe

  4. Is this really necessary? There are many other threads you can go spread your tripe that is better suited to that crap than this one.

    I'm not fasting, as I'm not Muslim, but I do regularly fast. I've often thought about giving Ramadan a try (I'm a Jew) but I never know when it begins. I have enough trouble keeping up with all of the Jewish fast days!

    Good luck with the fast, everybody. I hope it brings you all that you're searching for.
  5. It's good not to always be looking to fulfil your every desire, want, need, just because you notice something is missing. Helps to put things into better balance between you and the Universe. Take time out from 'normal' day to day life and think about something more real.

    But it doesn't have to be just because other people are doing it or it's that time of the year again. Sometimes it's important to have these religious reminders, but really it's something that should come up from within, spontaneously, as part of walking your spiritual path. But as long as it does so, and this is why Ramadan seems to be a good thing - it's all good
  6. so many understanding people lol i love it

  7. I'll explain it, because humans have forgotten. Forget all the religious fancy schmancy talk.

    Fasting is a shortcut to GOD. That's why they ALLLLLL do it. In all the ancient texts. What do they do?

    1. They go out into the desert
    2. They start to starve themselves
    3. They meditate/pray
    4. They receive enlightenment

    (You cannot start this process until you understand your own karma and can begin to see others' karma. I'm not a formally trained Buddhist. I became one by accident in the following way.)

    It's a very simple and oft-repeated process.

    Suspend your disbelief for a second and imagine a piece of energy inside of your physical heart that is currently undetectable by modern medicine. We'll call this piece of energy "the user." That means that the brain is nothing more than a calculator. If you believe in evolution, then this will make some sense.

    So, what does fasting do? It shuts off the brain. Go without sleep (deprive rest), without food (deprive nutrients), breathe slowly (deprive oxygen) and just pray and pray and pray. That's what they did.

    That's what I myself did. Please, don't do it without supervision. I did it alone and entered a state of delirium. I saw things in my state of delirium that i still remember and will never forget and probably never share with you guys. Things that were just too much. I started to forget to eat and sleep and stuff. So don't do it this way. We fast to speed up the process. Because getting good at fasting/meditating/praying takes years and years.

    In the most dire moments in the lives of the biblical characters, they fasted. Why? Cuz fasting is dialing 911 to God. Breathe slower than you do when you sleep. Your body will sleep. And your brain which uses more energy at rest than anything else will fall asleep too. Without food (200-300 calories per day), you can keep your body in a state of semi-sleep. When your brain FINALLY turns off and sleeps, only your Soul is awake, and this is the direct USB connection to God.

    And that's fasting. Most people now do it for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with the physical reasons we started doing it in the first place. Most who fast, eat way too much IMHO, not enough to shut down the brain to "bare minimum". All that happens is they get hungry but not enlightened LoL. But humans are foolish and forgetful animals. Approach fasting very carefully. Contemplating infinity and the future in a state of delirium could permanently ruin your brain! God can be fucking terrifying ;)
  8. Seems some people use fasting as another try to "bypass the reducing valve" so to speak.

  9. Fasting is used for lots of different things through religeon, health (losing weight)

    I use it to give my organs a rest, i do between 24-37 hrs... water, coffee and cannabis only

    i always feel re-freshed, light and clean .... never thought of using it to talk with god..? Dont you just pray?? I think if you pray.... then your talking to god (if thats what you call him/she/it)

    Fasting has no ill effects on the body... the only one i know of .... it can waste your muscles ( use them for energy ) unless you do some weight training.

    Have a look at " eat stop eat " by Brad Pilon.... great for keeping in shape.. :)
  10. I've done water fasts for up to 3 days just for the beneficial health effects. It helps move out toxins from your body and at the same time makes you practice discipline and you get to see yourself from a new perspective. Extremely beneficial IMO when done right.

    Fasting for a month though is beyond my desires though, haha. I really respect anyone doing it though.

  11. very true your body starts to eat at your muscles

    i am muslim myself and fast, i have a ramadan topic in the "spritual and philosophy" section if anyone is interested.

    but when the fasting is done (inshallah) at the end of this month im gonna go HARD in the gym again, this month i am just taking it easy, jogging or light work out but it will take about 7 days to get back to my old regime (from what i noticed other years):wave:
  12. I'm Muslim but I'm not gonna lie, I have trouble fasting.

    Don't judge me.

    I will try my best inshallah
  13. I'm not even Muslim, but we are from the same continent more or less. Don't worry brother. Don't fast until you are ready. You can always strive to be better in other ways first before going back to fasting. You know, like do 1 extra nice thing each day as a way to make up for struggling with fasting. Be creative! :smoke:
  14. The fast is sunrise (technically dawn) to sunset, and you can eat/drink after sunset. If it was 30 days straight, that would be almost impossible.
  15. The point is not to starve literally. It's to maintain your caloric intake at such a miniscule level that your brain "sleeps" while awake.... Yet you still live.

    Meditating forces you to be still and not mess this up.
  16. i really do feel at peace when im fasting but i notice i cant concentrate in class too much
  17. When you need to think, choosing to Fast isn't really the best option. Without enough fuel the brain just doesn't function well. Save the Fasting for when you're not studying ;)

  18. i must admit after reading about a 30 day fast.... my first reaction was :eek:. Ive done it for 37hrs... i am sure i can go longer but.. why?

    i think you would be seriously ill, withered at the end of a 30 day fast. I do my fasting for health reasons,.... i remove all food (calories).. only water, black coffee, sugar free gum and strong skunk. i am led to believe it removes toxins, gives your organs a break and lowers the amount of calories you have in a week. ( i do it weekly) i also work out to stop muscles wasting.
    I dont feel any closer to god, but i feel energised,¨light, cleansed. I have a tip for anyone interested in try it out... when/ if the hunger pains start try some simple acupressure on yourself, the one that works best for me is at the point where your ear lobe joins your face...

    :- push hard with your fingertip in the area until it starts to hurt, you should apply intermittent pressure until the area goes numb (about 1 minute), ensure you do both sides (both ears) for balance and then your hunger pains disappear. do a search on the internet " accupressure for weightloss " its a great technique for removing hunger pains, you dont need to be fasting to try it... try it the next time you feel hungary.. but i suppose the ultimate test would be can it control the munchies!! :smoke: wild horses cant stop me when i get going!!
  19. It's really not that bad. Once you get through the first few days of fasting, it just becomes a normal routine. In the past when Ramadan was over, it actually has felt weird eating during the day.

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