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  1. So what are some fast yielding as I've heard some flower for 8-16 weeks lol not autos
  2. Check out the strain FLO, you can harvest it multiple times and it flowers FAST
  3. ...just grab you a pure indica strain, they'll finish at 50-60 days...some even sooner.
  4. you can harvest it multiple times

    Dooood - you can reveg any plant multiple times - if you wantd to for some strange reason...

  5. Reveg? What so veg flower cut then reveg
  6. Is that 50-60 days from seed to scissors?
  7. To harvest a subsequent time I read that during harvest just leave one or two of the lowest branches(buds intact) with just a few fan leaves and new plant matter will grow out of the old and rotting buds that were left untouched. Never tried it, just sounds like a waste of electricity. But a local grower did mention that genetics weaken after so many "generations" of a single plant, be it cloning or re-veg. I don't see a need for weak genetics while our economy is still intact. Just keep re ordering seeds. Or get balsy and either hermi the plant or breed it with a male if you can(I'd suggest asking a Seed bank for male seeds). Ruderalis is 2 months from seed to grinder. Indica and else is likely a minimum of three months from seed to scissor..maybe four to five if you want to pull over a zip per plant.

  8. That's just the flowering time (most Indica's). If you want 50-60 days seed to harvest, you should go auto.

  9. OP, you can put your seeds straight on a 12/12 light schedule and they will go straight into do NOT need an autoflowering strain.
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    Really? I learn something new everyday.

    Out of curiosity, if the above is true, then what is the point of autoflowering strains? Will they yield more, or is it just "easier" because you don't have to switch lighting schedules?
  11. Not Guna lie I thought photo period ones wouldn't flower no matter what until you cut the light so they think the season is changjng

  12., I've had that wonder myself...the difference is, an autoflower will flower under 24 hours of light.
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  14. I keep reading about using more than 18 hours of light. Some people say it is a waste of money/electricity, some people seem to swear by it.

    It just goes to show that there's always plenty of room to learn and improve.

    I think I might try that (12/12) with one of my THC Bomb clones down the road, once I've sexed the originals.

    Thanks for the link.
  15. I'm sure it will work with a clone, but from seed I am questioning
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    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 4, 2013 can do both, I flower from clone all the time, view my plants linked in my signature.

    ...dude, :poke: view the link I posted in post # 13 above ^^^ ....their is nothing to question.:confused_2:
  17. thing to point out, autoflowers are ruderalis hybrids....which produce less potent buds....your better off with regular indica/sativa hybrids, pure indicas for a shorter flowering, I'll direct you to something important to understand --> Cannabis ruderalis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  18. How long do you flower them for? And how much do you get if them?
  19. Either way if I have 2 6" fans one blowing air in and one out, how fast would the temp change I. Tent? And what is this negative pressure someone mentioned
  20. ...most growers do not pump air into the room, they simply exaust the room and new air is pulled in by negative pressure. fast your room temps change with said fans would depend on how big the room is....your inline fan will have a "CFM" reading (cubic feet per minute)....find out the cubic sq feet of your room.

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