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Fastest ways to sober up

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Tokebloke, May 27, 2010.

  1. What the quickest way to burn off your high?
  2. why would you want that? :eek:

  3. smoke more. haha nahh but in all honesty times what you need. an hour after smoking you should be feeling less high. if time is not on your side learn to befriend your friends gum, visine, and hand sanitize haha.
  4. Coffee and/or a cold shower will wake you up more but theres no real way to speed up your body's process of getting sober.

  5. That's not true, anything that increases your metabolism will help you get over your high faster. If you need to kill a high exercise would be a good bet.
  6. eating usually does it for me. i have to eat before i smoke
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    There are ways of speeding up the sobering process. For me at least.
    Coffee. Tea.
  8. get pulled over by the fuzz

  9. I was thinking the same.....
    More like "fastest/longest ways to get blitzed"
  10. really dude when im high and when i eat i get higher for some reason im guessing cause im so full

    i think exercising is the best bet:D
  11. to name a few reasons , unexpected run ins with , cops , family , boss anything like that?
    pretty obvious really
  12. hahah funniest answer. but i think if your really high it would just make you paraniod not sober

    in my opnion any vigorous activity like exercise, running, sex
  13. I have read that eating spicy food, like Thai food, can cut your high short. I read it in this old cannabis cookbook.
  14. what ? no....

    there is no way to become instantly sober/ bring your high down. eating may help tho

    instead of worrying about how not to be high you should be worrying about learning to act straight.
  15. hot sauce releases a small amount of dopamine and endorphins and makes you feel a bit better. it could also accelerate the consumption of them though.
  16. ^Dude when I eat spicy food it makes me feel really high, it's like sensory overload or something. I love the feeling:p
  17. The fastest way would be to give yourself an epinephrine shot. </thread>
  18. My friends and I all believe eating will kill your high. Whenever I eat after I smoke it always feels as if I'm killing my high and I passout.

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