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Fastest way to smoke

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420everysecond, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. My friend wants to try and smoke a gram to himself. He's never done this and he doesn't have a bong so he wanted to make a water bottle bong. Wouldn't joints be the best since once theyre lit, you can just hit it no matter how high you are? I know he wouldnt smoke a whole gram since it would burn a little bit of the bud but w/e. What do you guys think?
  2. Smoking a gram out of a bong and smoking a gram in a joint are completely different ballgames.
  3. Wait, a WHOLE gram?!
  4. im thinkin bong if you have one

    haha nvm
  5. [ame=]How To Make A Perfect Gravity Bong - YouTube[/ame]

    Gravity Bongs --It's free (besides the bud which should be) and you get BAKED. Vapo's are pretty good but pricey for the most part.
  6. When I smoked a gram by myself for the first time I used a gravity bong. It was strawberry cough, oh i remember it like it was yesterday!
  7. Grinded weed in bongs, gets you baked :bongin: just make sure you don't take it all in like one hit. :smoke:
  8. Buy a piece from a headshop
  9. Gbongs take a while to load and get going, so that's not the fastest. If you really wanna smoke it all in one sitting, just roll up a J or an L, and smoke it to the dome. Not the most efficient way, but you'll smoke it pretty quickly. That or just pack bowl after bowl. That never hurt anyone.
  10. You'll get very high either way, but smoking from a bong will get you the highest. Why? It's simple. When you light the joint, it continues to obviously give off smoke when you aren't hitting it, thats wasted weed just being burned that no one inhales. When you hit a bong, all of the smoke is trapped in the chamber, none is wasted if you clear it right.

    Make a bong.
  11. In my opinion joint<blunt<pipe<bong<gravity bong
  12. As far as whats fastest, a joint or a blunt. But why would he smoke a gram joint rather than take a little bit more time to get higher and use the bud more proficiently? He'll get higher smoking from a bong, and it actually won't take too long to smoke it all either. Smoking a gram bowl from a bong really wouldn't take that long if he was smoking it fast, maybe 20 minutes.
  13. bong it up bro :cool:

    Decided to post a bong toke with my response :smoke:

  14. Smoke the bong.
  15. When in doubt, bring the bong out :cool:

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