Fastest time you quit your job?

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  1. So, today was my first day of working as a server at IHOP. I was excited, but a little skeptical seeing as they didn't interview me, they just kind of took me in (Which i'd expect from fast food, but not a middle class sit down). I walked in for my first day, ready to start, and they didn't even have my information in the system. 
    It wasn't a big deal though, that stuff takes time, but then one of my co-workers asked me if I was hired there, and I sad "Yes Ma'am." as to not be rude, and she gave me a snarky side comment about how she wasn't a "Ma'am" , yet she never even gave me her name, so I didn't know what to say!
    , and then the manager in training was absolutely fucking drunk, and couldn't even tell me a sentence straight without slurring something. He then went on about harassment, and how he recently got into a feud with one of the other servers, to which I asked if it was recent, and he just went off on me about "Minding my own damn business." , and whatnot.
    I was going to stick it out, but then I went to turn down the volume on the training videos they were showing me (They said I could turn it down) , and I accidentally turned it off, and that's when I said "Fuck it!" went to the manager, told her I wasn't interested in working there, thanked her for the offer, and dipped!
    I don't know if I made a bad move or not, but I do have an interview at a Wendy's on Saturday, which isn't exactly the best, but it's something.
    What's the fastest any of you have quit a job?

  2. A couple of weeks. Had this shitty factory job and got a call about a way better job and I was out that bitch
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    Had been going to University for about 2 months, was quickly running out of my financial aid money, and needed a job. So I walk into Kroger one day right by campus. As I'm checking out I see a manager and ask if they're hiring. Tell him I have bagging experience and am a mean bagger. I guess that got his attention so he told me to fill out an app and call him. Did that and got an interview. Hired a week later.
    Loved that job, my coworkers were cool college kids, I pushed buggies and bagged groceries.
    got off at about 9 on halloween of 2012, got arrested for Dui at about midnite that same evening.
    Lost everything. 700 bucks worth of pieces, quit school, moved back home. Suspended license for a year. Car got repo'd. Quit my cool ass job. Sucks.
    I lasted a week there.

    Don't drink and drive folks.
  4. The least time I've ever had a job, that wasn't seasonal or under the table work, was working as a prison guard. Decent pay, and pretty damn simple, but definitely not the job for me. I ended up quitting not even five months into working there.
  5. about 5 hours...was my first time doing 3rd shift at this plastics factory through a temp was all this crazy work with huge dowels to roll up seran wrap type plastic into these probably 500 lb rolls and have to use this cutter to slice off the plastic and while the guy was showing me the dude on the machine over almost slices his finger off doing the same thing...he was screaming and it was all floppy so im thinking fuck this but they move me over to bitch work till they can clean up the i was cutting dowels for 4 hrs straight and they tell me im not getting a break cause they need the dowels which is illegal because the temp agency says we have to get breaks so i just walked off (back when jobs were easy to get) ..i dont usually do that but im not getting treated like shit and losing a finger for 8 bucks on 3rd shift fuck that
  6. First off ,do you live in a northwest Ga. town that's name starts with R. Second off ,fuck Ihop man! I worked there for three months and they treated me like complete shit (I did all the work ,was discriminated against for being a male ,I woked twelve hour shifts just to bring home $20 bucks ,got yelled at everyday by very rude and indecent customers ,etc......). Don't beat yourself up over this shit man (nobody deserves that kind of shit) ,and get another job fast. Best of luck friend!
  7. I've never quit a job. But I did get fired from a job within the first 2 weeks because I didn't come in for my shift one day and I didn't call off.
    A lot of my friends that worked at IHOP told me it was bad, but I didn't think it was THAT bad. I should have assumed the worst when I walked in to ask if they were hiring, and one of the waitresses came out crying, haha.
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    ive walked out on group training sessions, prior to actually signing on as an employee but after actually being 'hired'.
    one was a valet thing, i could see it sucked so why bother.  I told someone i was leaving.
    a cell phone thing.. they actually sent me a check for the 2 hours i was there.   I just went to 'lunch' and never came back. It was in a conference room in a building downtown.. all about rates and plans and sales.  I wasnt even looking for that job, a dude in the mall just pounced on me and i didnt know better.
    AMC dishwasher was pretty fast.   Was there for about 4 hours, went 'to the bathroom' and never went back to the dishpit.   You cant even check your cellphone in that fuckn place without getting your nuts tugged.  I couldve got hired as a cook there but i was like no thanks.
    worked in a lube shop for a day.  ive worked in other ones longer but this one wasnt for me so i just went home at the end of the first work day and never went back.  did something else instead.
    sometimes i 'man up' and tell someone im leaving but not always.  i can do whatever i want!
    i remember this small independent restaurant...  i never did much food service work but this place was gonna give me a shot, they were all pumped about it being successful and shit.  Tried to get me to memorize the whole fuckn menu.. and i actually tried.  I did shrooms that night too.
    Anyway never actually showed up for the position.. which was server/asst mgr or somethn.  So thats pretty fast.  Quit before my first shift.
    The dude called me and left me a message about the commitment i made..  lol whatever.  Pretty shitty of me but cant change it now.  At the time i was just like fuck it.
    and how could i forget the 'stadium hawker' thing at Cowboys stadium.. i was gonna sell waters or snacks...  Signed up but never showed up.  Too far away and i was afraid the thing would be too heavy so why bother.   Those fuckers called me like 10 times.   Needless to say, I never answered.
    There was a courier thing... No way i could make any money so i quit before ever actually driving for the guy. 
    But I was hired.   Didnt draw a check so i dont count it on my list of jobs ive actually worked.  which is a long one.
  10. Yeah man ,It's not worth it. They treat you like shit.
  11. 0 days lol didnt even show up to training, but also once 1 day. That was at micky d's and shit when i was 16-18 i dont care what a job now is if im getting paid, yeah i got shitty co workers too i just get high as fuck and day dream while they bitch, just do your work and peace out
  12. a day. 12 hour factory job, found out someone on my street used to work there until this one time when he was at work, passed out, and has been in a coma ever since(been like 6 months), I didnt think jobs like that were legal in Canada, tough job, happy I finished the full day though.
  13. 4 months.It was an unpaid internship and I wasnt utilizing my brain....sure got some good knowledge on how to use a photo copier though :)
  14. one day. hopped off the chopper in 'nam and BAM, rpg 
  15. Sounds more like you were fired at. :smoke:
  16. 7 months of busting my ass to keep a roof over my head. I hated it, but no other choice. Fortunately, got  a job offer from a customer there and took it. Been working for him ever since.
  17. Don't know if this counts but I walked in to a local chicken place the day after I quit KFC and the lady asked me right away without an interview if I could start the next day. I told her sure. I was pissed cuz I hated KFC so I called the place back 2 hours later and told them I quit haSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  18. I lasted 5 days at UPS. I worked the 4:00 AM to 8:00 AM shift. It just didn't work with school. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  19. About two months. I was working on an overnight delivery job. It was alright as far as a cash grab is concerned, but I was also working as a tour guide, waiting tables, and going to school for emergency services. Something had to give.
    The general rule of thumb is to give any new job at least three months before you throw in the towel. That's how long it takes to really figure out what's going on in a company and sort your priorities out.
  20. 18 minutes. I had to wait 15 for the cops to show up, so technically it was 3.

    You don't accuse a guy driving a big red blazer for being a thief who drives a green ford bronco of stealing shit from a job site he just showed up to and not expect to get shoved. And the cops agreed.
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