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Fastest / Highest producing strains ? SOG HYDRO

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by jerryg420, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Hello I am currently looking to introduce some new strains to my set up. I've spent weeks researching strains and am looking for some feedback or suggestions. I am working with a flood and drain home made table with sea of green. Been doing this for almost 20 years now and have worked with some very nice strains. Silver pearl..Bubblegum...nigerian...AK-47...NL special...White Widow ....White Rhino...Blueberry...White Skunk...I now have Durban Poison x white Widow and i also have a northern strain. I want to step up production and hopefully shorten table time. I was looking at homegrown Fantaseeds top44 but am unfamiliar with how it produces. I was also considering from PEAKSEEDSBC Northernberry and NorthernSkunk. I could of sworn i came across a strain that flowered in 35 days but of course i can't remember what the strain was. So i am wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions ???? Thanx 4 your time and consideration. Well wishes to all my fellow gardeners out there!!!
  2. next generation seeds, Dynamite. iv heard it runs pretty fast and heavy. but i have never personally run it. i am currently running there grapegod tho and it looks real good
  3. You will probably be looking for an Indica or a strong Indica blend. Sensi Seeds' Afghan #1 takes 45 days. They have a few others like Early Girl and Early Skunk that are quick to flower. KC Brains' KC36 says it can complete flowering in as quick as 40 days but may take as long as 60. If you find that 35 day one please post it.
  4. I would recommend staying away from the Top 44.
    I grew a freebie seed of it out last summer and it was terribly disappointing.
    As for Peak Seeds BC, I've never heard of them, sorry.
    The shortest flowering times I've seen is usually 45-50 days, never seen one as low as 35 days before.

    As mentioned by the other poster, Grape God by Next Generation Seeds flowers in about 50 days and yields well.
    Same thing goes for G13 Labs new Blueberry Gum strain, it's done in around 50 days (can't speak for its yield yet though).
    Good luck with your grow.
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    Thanx for saving me time with the Top 44. Didn't really have a good feelen bout that one. By the way, whats with the doggies nuts seeds. Why sooo expensive ? I'm sure their quality is good but 10 to 30 times better than other banks ? The Northernberry is so far looken the best. Also, does anyone know about the strain Industrial from Dinafem? I do like Next Gen's Grapegod, Dynamite as mentioned in an earlier comment and also would like to find out more about Avalon( says 45 Days ). Anyone tried that one. Says large producing but how Large ?
    I was also considering Shiva Shanti from sensi. I went to Amsterdam and was going to buy Big Bud but the girl at the hash / marijuana museum directed me to the Shiva,Thanx for the comments, grateful for your time and shared knowledge.
    Also wanted to mention that my table is 8 x 10 4000 watts light. 4 -5 inch of rock and i usually put between 80 and 100 on the table so i need a strain thats not too bushy. I typically veg for 5-7 days with clones from an EZ cloner.
  6. I was just at the cannabis college nextdoor to the cannabis / hash museum.. they were growing a NL #5 x haze and jack hammer. the jack hammer with significantly larger yield. I think they were using 15 gallon tubs with soil. They weren't doing SOG but they were using bamboo sticks and tying the buds in a spread out pattern so that the light could penetrate the entire growth. I definitely learned a thing or two at this place and having been thinking of more questions to ask em before i leave amsterdam.
  7. I have an idea of what you could ask,,, ask em what strain will produce the highest yield in the shortest amount of time in a hydro SOG set up (100 plants in an 8 x 10 ft flood and drain table ? I was gifted with a wealth of info while i was there and props to you for being there and having that accessibility. Enjoy " the real free world " I had the time of my life when i was there . gotta love those red lights !!!
  8. i see this red dragon strain all over the internet producing big yeilds in a short time..... if i was you though- id get a few different kinds. cant go wrong. get the best yeilding indicas you can find. Burmese kush is a good one from TH Seeds. mix it up though. no sense putting all your faith in one strain youve never tried before.....:smoke:
  9. Red dragon is new to me. As i said it's been bout 20 yrs for me and i seemed to hsve worked with mostly original strain. The scene has exploded as of late and it's hard to decide which way to go. I am planning on getting 4-5 strains and possibly do a little reproduction just to see what happens. I've tried to " create " strains and it is just so time consuming and difficult . At one point i thought i had a great stabilized strain and they all turned out to be hermies. I was heartbroken. I'll definitely look into the dragon and thanks for the advise. Do you know the bank that has it ? I would like to find a strain that could produce around 80 gm per plant in 45 -50 days.
  10. attitude seeds is the only site i know of with many strains and people ordered from them. i usually get local seeds but not everyone has that blessing. and yea creating strains is some work i only know 2 people that have made some stable strains. try SCROG methods too works best....:smoke:
  11. Red Dragon is from Barnys seed co. Flowering in in 9 weeks though
  12. I have been growing an Early Girl plant and i heard that the flowering time can be anywhere from 7-9 weeks. Mine started flowering about 3 weeks ago so im hoping to get some bud on new years. :D
  13. cannabis college recommended growing out strains you know how to grow best.. nothing your growing for the first time in a SOG Hydro with more than 10 plants simultaneously.. if u run into 1 problem u risk losing an entire crop if u dont know how to handle it.

    i like barney's red dragon a lot, a leaning sativa makes it worth the 9 weeks and the taste is very favorable.
  14. Dr.Greenthumb Endless Sky is a big yielder that stays short and finishes in 50 days or you could try his iranian auto flower
  15. Dr.Greenthumb Endless Sky is the best i've found according to the details given from the distributors. I think i'll give that one a try. It said the flowering was a 42 day cycle. Has anyone out there tried this strain ?
  16. let me know how it goes, i am in the the same situation as you
  17. I can tell you from my experience growing it in hempy pots and dwc, it is a great strain to grow. Not overpowering stink, a floral, sandalwood flavor. Very strong plant with huge buds that stays short and flowers quick. Not 45 days but more like 55 from my experiences. keep the nutes low early, then mid veg it loves alot of nutes, back off mid way through flowering. Buds are medium density and hairy as all hell. Im talking about huge piles of hair after drying.lol. the high is like most indica. Lemme know if i can help during ur grow.
  18. Totally worth the 9 weeks, some of the best, most potent, resinous, sweet tasting, weed i have ever grown. High bud to leaf ratio, excellent producer.
  19. mr nice critical mass
  20. i ended up going with chronic because it stays so short, but i might have to try CM sometime here in the near future

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