Fastest hermie producing photoperiod?

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  1. So everyone knows that irregular light periods can cause hermaphrodite plants to produce male flowers. Is there a KNOWN photoperiod that will trigger this with 100% accuracy?

    I'm taking cuttings for clones that might be subjected to stress and I'd really REALLY like to find out which mums resist the male flower trait the best.

    Is there a photoperiod I can set my timer to to force out any hermie tendancies in my clones?

    Currently I'm planning on:

    12/12 until flowering starts

    Then continue 12/12 with a 5 minute light interruption at 6hrs into the dark period.

    1 24hr day of full light once a week.

    Any ideas what modifications to that schedule would cause hermies to pop balls faster? :smoke:
  2. Hey there. I have no personal experience with this, I just remember reading it somewhere. I can't even remember where I read it, sorry about that, so take it at face value.

    The piece I read mentioned changing 12/12 to 5.5 on, 1 off, 5.5 on. If I remember correctly, the piece said this had a pretty high success rate. Maybe someone else can chime in and let us know for certain.

  3. Thanks C&H. :)

    That's the first new bit of info I've heard yet.

    Would that be a week of 12/12 first or just straight 24/0 to 5.5 on 1 off?
  4. something i encountered, ill throw it out there

    i started with 12/12 for a couple weeks, had some nice females, threw them on 18/12 and saw herms in less than a week.
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    Dangit HydroGanic, now I'm really bothered that I can't find that article, and I'm going to have to hunt for it! haha

    IIRC, they did a normal 12/12 for a week or two, then shifted to 5.5/1/5.5/12. Hopefully I'll have a link for ya in a bit.

    EDIT: Back with the link. Looks like you do the weird lighting for the first three weeks of flowering, then revert to normal.
  6. awesome, nice link bro. on my way......

  7. Thanks!

    They must have updated the FAQ as I don't have that in my archive. :)

    We'll see how that goes as soon as I lightproof this little box :) (Don't need much to just force hermies!)

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