fastest hash method for 60+lbs trim.

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  1. One of my larger volume clone clients asked me to process 60-70lbs:eek: of trim into hash and in return split the hash 50/50. first off this is alot of fucking trim,7x 55 gallon trash bags to be exact(60lbs sounds a little light) and the most I ever processed was 4lbs but 60, holy shit. my question is does anyone here process trim on a commercial scale and what method did you employ? I have a screen but it is completely inadequate for processing on this scale as it's 18"x18". any practical ideas will be appreciated. I'd rather not use bubble bags as there's way too much trim and I would like to have finished product in 7 days or less.
  2. Commercial scale means using machines and/or hired help. Dryers can be converted into hash tumblers.
  3. best bet on this scale, find a shop that sell silk screens, buy the desired size and micron (some can be bought big!).

    dry out all trim, then kief it all. i bet with a days work, you could get through it all! quick and simple.
  4. adding to this, if its proper frosty trim you could say expect a 5% return kiefing it.

    with 60lb of trim, thats 27,215g :eek: 5 % is 1360g return....thats alot of hash dude! thats if its all frosty lol
  5. If I told you, I'd gave to get my 33.3333333333333333% cut...
  6. Yes ....hello, I would like 3 pounds of hash pleez:smoking:

    To go
  7. What I would do is the traditional Indian method.

    Get a huge metal bowl, and an unframed silk screen. Cover the bowl with the screen and secure it. Then, flip an amount in a plastic bag over top of the bowl, and beat on it with drum sticks for a while. It's a lot of work, but you can go through big amounts at once. Though, it won't be the highest quality because of modern techniques. May in fact be a bit green. However, it'll be hash nonetheless, and it will be dank.

    Or, as above, convert a pawn shop dryer to tumble, or washer to make cold water hash.
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    What kind of advice is this? Why use this shitty technique when we have the technology we have today?? It's 70 lbs of trim, don waste it. I would personally make a giant qwiso batch. It would be the easiest IMO.
  9. idunno if you could evaporate that much alcohol in enough time. Ive seen those big garabage pails used in making ice water hash on the large scale. might wana youtube it if you got that way. To be honest this is just too much material to go through quickly
    you couldnt make bho cause the cost of butane would be unreal and unless you had the biggest pan on the planet and left it out in the sun i wouldnt be doing that shit.

    oh i forgot about Dry ice dry sift, look that up super easy super quick

  10. with dry ice sift you get soooo much!
  11. a huge BHO extractor and a few cases of
  12. I would use large bubble bags.
  13. they have 55 gallon bubble bags...
  14. Dry ice is the only way to go. Super easy and plentiful bounty.
  15. Take a screen from an outdoor window, a big one. Sift that shit over a kitchen table or something, wam bam there you go. That's what I would do.

  16. that would make a brown hash, which is still good.

    but i assume this guy wants fucking bomb hash.

    which is either BHO or bubble.

    and both are gonna take you a few days to make dude.

    with bho a 1lb extractor costs like 150$.

    with bubble bags,

    and 1 lb bubble bag 5 bag system runs like 100-250 depends on the brand you buy.

    so its up to you.

    you could just do a HUGE ice water hash run, its like bubble but with no bags.

    ORRRR your best bet, is dry ice hash.
  17. Yea but quality could be improved.

    After sifting coursely through large screen, you'd have a smaller amount of product. More manageable. Then you could sift that thru the next smaller screen he has. Then use the old school method to make bars in the oven. Could be done in a single day.

    Oh, and I think he wants FAST hash man. Any hash is good hash.
  18. Go with the dry ice bro... Youll get so much hash it would be ridicilous.

    [ame=]Dry Ice Hash - YouTube[/ame]
  19. Washing Machine hash.

  20. Not trying to "rain on your parade" or anything. But you can make "BombHash" From anytype of method. The key is to know what your doing. Im not saying that those two dont work but there are many other options. And if you are going to use a solivent then i would recomend Alcohol You will extract way more of wat ur lookin for then bho. Not harsh either. But i would recomend the washing machine then get a couple screens. They will pay for them selves in one use.

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