Fastest growing strain?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by doctordre, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. What's the fastest growing strain?

    I got some seeds recently from my dealer. He just said "it's indo." I don't think they'll work--they haven't been germinating. Does anyone know what the strain is that grows the fastest? I'm not looking to cut the whole thing down when it's done. I'm just going to pick a few leaves at a time as they grow. Like picking apples from an apple tree.
  2. pick a few leaves like an apple tree? that isnt recommended. a cannabis plant becomes the most potent and ripe at a certain time in the ground and then you are supposed to cut it down completely and dry/cure the bud. i suggest you do a lot of reading
  3. You got the "indo" huh? That's good shit man... lol... j/k... I think 'indo' is dealer-speak for bag seed...

    Just gonna smoke it a leaf at a time, huh? That's a new one...

    As for quickest, idk... but Jack Herer isn't one of them, at least the strain I've got.. it can go 12-13 weeks.

  4. yeah it is all about the buds, which will develop in a minimum of 8 weeks after a vegetative state, meaning most indoor grows complete in about 3 months or so..... not picking leaves off as you go.

    "indo" is a slang term for indoor weed, and it is commonly used to refer to any weed that is of high quality, but it certainly ait no strain.

  5. It's the flower of the plant that you smoke, not the leaves.

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