Fastest, cheapest way to travel to US?

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  1. Hey all,

    Planning ahead now, but I'm likely going to be going down to Washington/New York area eventually...

    What's the fastest/cheapest way to get there? I'm going to leave from London, Ontario, Canada... I was thinking that if I booked the Greyhound 3 weeks in advance or whatever, it'd be under $200 there and back (I think - confirm?)

    I don't know if flying would be an option, since I don't have a lot of cash (actually I may, gotta see what I can save). If a friend has a car and wants to go, that would be even more epic, but probably not going to happen. Are there any trains that go from Canada to the US?

    Drop me any information you have. It's much obliged.
  2. Stay away from Greyhound. Go online and read up on some of the horror stories that people will tell you about travelling with them: being left at the station; being told that 'luggage is not allowed'; having their tickets denied at the station; 72 hour, unplanned layovers; etc.

    Your best bet is to fly, however it is rare that you will find a good rate for the exact dates that you want. I typically search with about a week's worth of fluctuation in the dates to find the best fare.
  3. Oh fuck, eh...

    I take the Greyhound from London to Toronto to Peterborough when coming home, and it's not that bad. However, fuck getting left behind in a country I don't live in.

    Maybe I can save up and make a huge pitch on gas; see if a friend feels like driving. They'd have to have their passports though, fuck. I'm getting mine renewed in the summer sometime.

    Fuck though, how much is a plane ticket? I will have money, it's just... you know. If it's not crazy outrageous expensive (which it will be), I'd do it. I have only flown once, but it was quick times.

    There are no trains or anything? :( I don't ever hear of damn trains, and they're awesome... I'd take one all the time if I could.
  4. fly southwest, it sometimes is cheaper than grayhound, you would have to go to one of the us airports though cause southwest is domestic
  5. Absolutely DO NOT take the bus. Fuck Greyhound.

    I strongly suggest flying, it's a bit more expensive but you will get there like 25 hours faster, and it's much more comfortable.
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    I'm going to be around the Toronto area in the upcoming weeks. Maybe we can work something out if your lips are as wet as you say they are.;) J/P, but I will be up around there in the coming weeks.

    I've done greyhound. Not bad, but they have the potential to fuck up. Expect to be around a lot of shady people and keep a hold on your belongings. When they start throwing (and I mean THROWING) the luggage out of the bottom of the bus, make sure you get it without hesitation. I remember some lady frantically screaming she couldn't find her shit.

    There is Amtrak , but I looked and it seems to serve just in the states. It is possible they have a sister company up in Canada and you might be able to get through. Dig around and give them a call.

    I think Niagra/Buffalo might be your best shot. Maybe a friend can drive you to Buffalo and you an use a bus to get your way into the NYC/DC area. I've been through Niagra/Buffalo, and it is a very nice/friendly area.

    An alternative could be driving to Detroit or a near by airport and taking a plan from there to NYC. I advise this because doing international is fucking expensive for some reason. When you get yourself into the states near a big city, costs come down like crazy.

    Also try | Cheap Flights, Hotels, and Rental Cars -- Discount Airfare or some other alternatives to get a good price. You'll need to do some hardcore logistical planning, but you can definitely make this work.

    Keep in mind you have to come back.

    edit: I take that back on the Amtrak. If the cities Aldershot, Grimsby, Oakville, or St. Catharines ring a bell, then you may be in luck. I found these on the Amtrak website. There is also Niagra and Toronto, but they may be out of the way if you're in London.

    Just get onto the Amtrak website and punch some info in. I messed around and it said Toronto --> NYC Penn Station will cost you 99, round trip. Not bad. I think getting to Washington might require your wet lips and a willing truck driver :)

    You'll figure something out.
  7. Yo man, I'm going to check out Amtrak then.

    It sounds promising so we'll see. Greyhound scares me now.

    I'm too fucked up to look into it right now, but I will. Thank you.
  8. What are you planning to do here in the states? If I may ask.
  9. 'nuff said..

    Man decapitated in attack aboard Greyhound bus | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Latest News

    happened in canada. HA, fuck that.

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