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  1. 18 days from seed they are just starting to get rolling now. Still working on making my rdwc but I have most of the pieces already so I will start getting a jump on it.
    20230406_144039.jpg 20230406_144032.jpg 20230406_144027.jpg
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  2. yo popcorn where u been, glad yur back ;)
  3. You know life hits ya new girl has some kids and work was just getting to where growing want so fun anymore. Now I am back at a steady life and ready to throw it back into the mix. As I am working on this rdwc system I am having trouble finding the pvc t with the screw fitting connection for return line. If you know a link for that it would be great.
  4. well, not sure which size you are wanting. Most connectors are pretty easy to find online...
    You may like one thing I did, which is retrofit a portable cooler into a res. I still haven't used it though.
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  5. Well it looks like these are already heading into flower so I don't have much hope for them getting very big! But hopefully I get some good buds. I an gonna start some more beans shortly just have to pick from the stash I will keep updates on what I start.
    Here is the girls today.
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  6. Any help I can get on this leaf issue I have?
    Starts at bottom of plant and works up.
    Ph in normal range with no swings and ppm at 400. I just raised it up with cal mag since I use ro water and it was still running on the minimal starting nutes.
    20230414_163350.jpg 20230414_163401.jpg
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  7. are your roots good?
  8. As far as I can tell they look pretty good man I will take a pic tomorrow. They are definitely looking healthier after the nutrirnt bump though.
  9. Couple shots from the girls roots and all. I think they were starving because they are looking better now.
    20230416_105958.jpg 20230416_110006.jpg 20230416_110022.jpg 20230416_110037.jpg
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  10. i was going to ask if they are perking up... looks like they were just getting settled is all.
    be careful not to add too much Nitrogen. I was using a Lucas-type mix this run and have really backed off the Micro.
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