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Fast way to get rid of thc in your system?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Westcoast408, May 20, 2010.

  1. what sup guys, I just got laid off at my job and I want to get a new job fast, but since most jobs require a drug test I need something to get rid of the tch fast, Do you guys have any suggestions? I stopped smoking yesterday, but before that I smoked a couple bowls everyday. any tips?
  2. There aren't any sure fire ways that I know of to get it out of your system other than just waiting. If you're a slim guy like me and have a fast metabolism then it can take as little as a week to get out of your system. Good luck.
  3. drink a lot and work out to get your metabolism up and flush that stuff outa your system. there's also detox pills you can get at a head shop but idk if they work i've never been tested b4 :)
  4. Dont know where your at but if you live by a GNC you can head up there and pick up an drink called "assure Detox" run ya about 50 bucks or you can take the cheap way out and just grab a bottle of niacin pills and pop a few of those a day, and thats only about 5 bucks. just dont mention anything about having to pass a drug test or they wont help out at all (trust me i used to work at one)

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