fast spreading problem...need some advice

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  1. more and more of my plants are starting to look like this...Im not sure how to treat this problem seein i dont know whats going question: what's happening to them and how can i fix this?
  2. Go "advanced" , and use the "paper clip" to post a pic, next to the "smiley" on the top bar .
  3. sorry bout the picture, but anyway, thats whats wrong, i was starting them indoors for a few weeks, i was gonna throw these outside in about a week, but im worried they're going to get worse

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  4. overwatering and nute burn .. it looks like, next time fill the dixie cup up to the last "notch" before the lip, and water when they get real light ( like in weight )

    Miracle Grow soil ?
  5. just regular potting soil, but it must be overwatering cuz i havent used any nutes...but thanks bro
  6. If thats a clear cup, get rid of it. You will kill roots.
    Could also be rootbound already, since theres not
    much soil in that cup.

  7. Just regular potting soil could have nutes in it already... ;)
  8. Crappy Soil to Much water Transplant into a Good Mix like Ocean Forest or Root Organic(Also Add Perlite to Name Brand to Ensure Not to OVER water). You want your soil to have a fluffy feel to it, not clump like most cheap potting soil's!!

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