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  1. I was directed over here for some more help. I was given Fast Pine in error. I started it indoors because I thought it was a different plant used for chronic pain.
    I can find nothing about fast pine other than it is an outdoor "guerilla grow"(?) autoflower lousy "ruderica(sp) hemp plant,or moderate indica.
    When I asked the seller what the initials FP meant on the plain brown envelope the seeds came in four weeks after I had started he told me to start 12/12 that day and told me next time I should just buy clones from him.
    Right now the plants are about a foot, look great for weeds, no evidence of flowers, Just thick weedy stems with minimal or leaves, just 3's one or two fives.
    are these autoflower?

    anything else I should be doing other than the normal pro blend and DNF?
    Do I need to keep them dark for 12 hours or are they better on the shorter cycle for northern climate if in fact they are supposed to be for northern climate of long summer days and nights and they are quick finishers, why do they need 12 hours of complete darkness?
    Are they truly 75% indica.
    I have fifteen great healthy looking plants that I have no clue if they are worth all this work, or worse if I have been growing hemp.

    Any help, especially some pictures to compare to?
    Thank you
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    Wow, hmm, sounds like your in quite a pickle. It would be best if you provided pics of them. ( I googled it and didnt find shit) That is if you have a camera available.

    Also, its spelled ruderalis. (not trying to be rude, just to inform you so you know.)
  3. yup, maybe it's pickles I'm growing?
    thanks on the spellin. I look at it and it makes me so ticked I think rude and then can't think anymore.
  4. yeah... your growing a pickle tree. Harvest in mid september for the crunchiest product.

    Lol, jk, you know pickles are cucumbers before they become pickles?

    I was just sayin, your in a pickle, like in a bad situation lol.

    You should take pics of the plants, and also tell us what seedbank it was that ripped you off.

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