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fast pine

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by roxie, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. I was accidentally given fast pine seeds instead of my choice. I was told to start forced flowering right away despite them being only five weeks old and 8 inches high.
    I can find nothing about fast pine anywhere other than one guerilla growers comment that it is nothing but ruderica(sp) hemp. The seller says it is called Diesel in NY but i can find no mention of fast pine related to Diesel .Does anyone know anything about fast pine?
    Mine are about 12 inches now ,no flowers. They look and smell like weeds that grow in a field.
    Only a few five leaf stems, mostly three, all healthy and growing well but this doesn't look like pot to me.
    Anyone have any info? I was also told by seller it was 75% indica., I was looking for medical marijuana for pain control ans I was under the impression sativa is the correct choice though it is harder to get right.
    Any advice while I await my exemption certificate and let some real experts look after the issue?
  2. Hey if you post over in the growing section of the forums I bet you will get a ton more help

  3. I thought indica was better for pain relief...I might be wrong though.
  4. #4 abnormldood, Feb 14, 2009
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    ^Correct. Indicas are what you want for pain relief. Sativas are more energetic and happy; better for depression.

    EDIT: I found a little bit of info on "Fast Pine". It seems it's an outdoor strain grown mostly in temperate regions(Acclimated to Canadian tundra areas). It's moderate in potency, but should do the trick if you aren't a heavy smoker.

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