fast or slow music?

Discussion in 'The Musician in U' started by greenghoul, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. What kind of music do you make, what genres?  Are you a loud-party goer person or just quiet stay at home?  Are you louder when you're high, or quieter?
    Just wondering because I usually write music that's at slower tempos (50-110bpm) and I play shoegaze, noise pop, and slowcore.  I'm basically one of the quietest people out there.
    My friend, on the other hand, is pretty talkative and likes going to parties and stuff.  The music he writes is more fast paced and upbeat.
    Is it com-mon?

  2. No, I don't think that has any bearing on your music tastes, at least not for me.
    I have stuff that is slower and more minimal, but more that are around 130bpm and more wall of sound. I'm pretty quiet, but I prefer stuff at more of a pop punk tempo than anything.
  3. i make ambient music.
    i am a man of peace, with a war within.
  4. My music is usually at 120 bpm by default, but I can make some snazzy bangers :) I evolve quickly with my music sound. I spent a couple weeks on super chill, head trip shit, then went to normal rap beats to a party rap beat. I'm proud of myself to be honest ;)

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