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Fast hit or deep slow hit

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by JBright, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. How should one hit the great pipe or spoon, do a fast hit or a slow deep hit and put it in your mouth then breath through the nose and hol din
  2. a nice happy medium will suffice
  3. I like deep hits. Not necessarily slow, but not "holyshitgasp" fast either. Deep. but nice normal speed inhale.
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    I actually change the speed of the pull mid hit depending on how the cherry is coming along. When I am hitting bong inside, I try to let the cherry go out before I clear so A.) im not wasting any smoke and B.) I don't need the smell of weed lingering around my house.

    What I'm saying is, when your hitting a bong and the cherry gets too big, you hit it more slow so it doesn't catch and goes out. When the cherry gets smaller, you can start to pull faster, it kind of suffocates the cherry.

    I use an Alex K showerhead diffy, and I noticed that the cherry grows when you hit it slower compared to when you hit it faster.

    I don't know, I guess I'm just rambling. Can't wait for my t-break to end:smoke:

    TL;DR You can change your pull speed to regulate the cherry.
  5. deep hits
  6. deep hits for me.
  7. Deep hits all the way bro.
  8. I prefer slow long hits... makes it a bit smoother.
  9. Do whatever feels best. It's all personal preference so only you really know.
  10. I prefer slow myself.
  11. Try all different types of hits until you find the perfect one. It also depends on how far the cherry is coming along as buffalo said. You will figure out which is more comfortable the more you smoke.
  12. Depends how well the weed is grinded up. The more grinded, the more I prefer quick strong hits
  13. slow deep hits. feels more epic. :D also on blunts as well. I notice it's more efficient to "sip" on a blunt so you don't run out of breath as quick and you can inhale more smoke

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