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  1. Hello,

    I am growing in soil. On my last days of Veg, before starting flowering on May 1.

    I am moving the plant from indoors to outside (the garden for direct sunlight) and back again for the dark cycle and supplements of extra need light for the 18 hours cycle.

    I have three problems.
    Temperature is sometimes higher than 100F, with direct sunlight.
    Some yellow spots (I hope they are not splash burns).
    Insects - which I found on the back of some leaves.... attached a link to to pic I found on Google - here

    How to get rid of these scales (insects) ASAP. Any advise will be appreciated. PLEASE....
  2. Temperature is sometimes higher than 100F, with direct sunlight.

    You NEED ventilation. That's obviously a little high.

    Some yellow spots (I hope they are not splash burns).

    Splash from what?

    Re:Scales - I have no personal experience with this insect, however I did find that they can be a common problem and there is hope. You're going to need to do some reading.
    Perhaps others who have had personal experience can chime in -

    One thing I HAVE had experience with and will give you a tip on, is that if you end up spraying, SPRAY AT LIGHTS OUT. This will help avoid damage to your plants. I have personally damaged my plants by spraying under strong light; but when sprayed at lights out, so that the plants had a chance to dry before the lights came back on, the plants were fine. Don't spray under lights at all costs.

    There are two types of scales - soft and hard shell scales. The number one rule when attempting to eradicate any pests is to IDENTIFY THEM FIRST.

    I am finding that alcohol (be so very careful with this - do your homework!!) will work to soften the shell if hard scales. Natural oils (neem, mint family, garlic) are used in conjunction with an insecticidal soap to get rid of these pests.

    As with any pesticide spray, you MUST REPEAT EVERY 3 days until they are gone. By spraying once you *might* get rid of the first wave, but as soon as you're not looking the existing eggs will hatch and you'll be right back where you started. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

    Did I mention to repeat?

    Know your enemy. Do your homework and read before you spray. Identify your pest and then decide on your best plan of attack by reading multiple sites and making an educated decision versus guessing.

    Scale Management Guidelines--UC IPM

    organic pesticides for scales - Google Search



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