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Fast harvest..

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by sm1ly, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. I'm growing some bagseed and I'm wondering how do you make it grow faster for a faster harvest??
  2. Give it 24 hour light till u slam it to 12/12 for flower other than that not much lol we all grow as fast as we can if u find somethin faster let us know lol
  3. Read up the stickys and do what they say.
  4. Ill go do some homework about fast harvesting plants. I might try the 12/12 thing. Seems interesting.
  5. 12/12 from seed is interesting but it depends a lot on strain, saw one guy get a bowl off a plant cuz it flowered out at 2-1/2" tall
  6. You want faster harvests? Try the auto flowering types that are comin out these days. They will be a lot shorter and will give off less bud, but can finish in ~60 days
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    Just harvested my first pair of auto flowering White Widow. 61 days from seed.
  8. Hmmmm... Now I'm thinkin of gettin autos too. But I never grew it before. Any help about growing autos?
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    12/12 is the quickest harvest you'll get but you won't yeild that much compared to a well vegged plant.
  10. http://Autoflower.net/forums
  11. Aright I'll check these and do some hw
  12. So this I went to go check up on the bagseed seedling and it looks like it kinda loss a bit of it's colour. The colour looks yellowish green. Any help?
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    whatchu doin to it? I'd guess too many nutes in your soil. Miracle grow? How often do you water?

    Also... fuck veg. Flip your plants to 12/12 at two weeks. get more lights and plant more pot. CFLs are cheaper than dirt.
  14. I stick my finger in the soil an inch or two and if it's bone dry then I water it and that's like every 3-4 days. Not using MG too cuz I heard it gives off a too warm of nutes or something like that. My bulb is 1 23w 2700k CFL for now until it gets a bit bigger. Should I add another bulb? I got 2 5000k CFL ready for begging when it's bigger.
  15. ** vegging**
  16. How far away is your bulb? 2700k is the wrong spectrum for *vegging*. I would use at least 2 26w 5600k for the first 2 weeks.
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    Ur way off bud, for sprouts all u need for the first couple weeks is a single 23watt, also u don't want a temp of 5600K, u want 6500K and 2700K 65 for veg 27 for flower

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