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Fast Glycerine Sublingual: Recipe And Help Request

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by oem1977, May 29, 2013.

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    Can anyone please provide a FAST GLYCERINE SUBLINGUAL (12-24hrs start to finish time requirement) recipe??
    I'm just not going to wait 2-5 weeks. I don't think its necessary and I can't have it, will not get into details. There must be a better way. All the Fast Extractions either require alcohol or crock pots.
    Quality, HOT GLYCERINE (no alcohol) EXTRACTION recipes using only an OVEN are not easy to find online at all for me.
    All that is found online is not helping me at this point. Have done my fair amount of research, and this information is just not readily available. 
    I'm only using a portable oven, vegetable glycerine, strainer, and mid level buds. No crock pots, alcohol, hash, or double boilers available.
    5-10 grams of mid-quality buds
    Edible Vegetable Glycerine (using Heritage brand Vegetable Glycerine, I called the company and it is completely safe as an edible)
    Portable Oven
    Coffee Grinder (optional, I just crumble the decarb material as it turns into a powder anyway, please advise me if I am removing potency by this. However, I still believe, that if I were reducing potency this way, then using a Coffee Grinder would also remove potency because you have to touch and work with the grinder. Advise and correct me if I am wrong in any of this)
    1. Decarb 3 grams (250F for 20 min badkittysmiles way) and dissolve some water from the Glycerine to purifiy it
    2. Place 3 g's to 1 Fl Oz Vegetable Glycerine in Pyrex 1 Cup Storage Container, mix well and add Lethicin. Put cap on the loaded Pyrex and place in oven. (I believe the Pyrex 1 Cup Storage Container is completely oven friendly and will have no problems with emissions or anything bad for health, again cite me if I'm the one whos loaded)
    3. Leave in oven at 180-220 Fahrenheit (set to 180) for 12 hours. Stir every hour, or as much as you can, during these 12 hours. (Not sure if Im degrading the potency by leaving it for more than 6 hours, though. Some people say 12 hours is fine, others don't. Not sure myself, I dont like the burnt smell you get if you go above 180 for longer than 6 hours, dont know if burnt smell is good or bad. Some people say you can't over-do your fry, some people say the complete opposite)
    4. Strain. You now have Cannabis infused Glycerine tincture.
    5. Repeat steps one to five, however, replace the regular glycerine with the Cannabis infused glycerine tincture. You will be just repeating the process but with the end result of the first round.
    Total time: 24 Hrs
    BKS sais that your Glycerine/Cannabis tincture starts to degrade if left cooking for more than 6 hours.
    Ive done so much experimenting and research, please help me out with any suggestions or stuff you see that you know is wrong by first hand account.
    The problem with this method is that you used 6 Gs for roughly only 1 Fl Ounce, which is too expensive for me. The end result is OK for sublingual use, but I think it could be better.
    Ive noticed that in order for the tincture to be effective sublingually, all that is needed is that it is just very strong. Am I right?
    Any suggestions are really appreciated.


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