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Fast food

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SconsinStoner44, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. This may be a terrible idea but right now I'm hungry as fuck I have my mouth wired shut and can only drink liquids but I wanted to here some of the best fast food orders you stoners have came up with for 5-7 dollars that you get you alot of food but are still good as hell
  2. Go get a box of tangerines and some bananas. And lots of water :)
  3. shit load of nugs and fries from macdonalds

    or chalupes from tbell

    place what ever u want into blender and drink up bro
  4. Blended fast food sounds terrible.
  5. Haha fuck that I'm not blending up stuff I was just wondering for after this is done I'm probaly gonna go on a binge or something I'm not even 2 weeks in on a 4-6 week process and I've already lost 17 pounds and I wasn't fat at all before so now I'm just tiny I used to hit the gym everday after class now I just sit here it's depressing and I'm out herb till this Friday hopefully I'm getting a bunch
  6. 4 double cheese from mcd's and a mcchicken plus a large dr. pepper = about 6 dollars plus tax
  7. [quote name='"Dah"']4 double cheese from mcd's and a mcchicken plus a large dr. pepper = about 6 dollars plus tax[/quote]

    See this guy gets it like something I might usually get 2 mcchickens large fry and 2 apple pies probaly around 5 bucks?
  8. well the mcchicks are a buck each i know that and the pies are 2 for a dollar and the large fries are 2 bucks so yeah about 5 bucks maybe a bit more with tax
  9. Maybe it doesn't happen to alot of people but me and my friend almost everytime we hotbox it's like damn you wanna just go get something?
  10. I fux with Hardee's and Sheetz, plus subway, but thats about it. :smoke:
  11. Go to McDonalds

    1 McGangBang (1 McChicken + 1 McDouble) = $2

    1 Large Drink = $1

    1 Apple Pie = $1

    1 Hot Fudge Sundae = $1

    Total: $5 for a stonerific meal
  12. if youre in DFW,tx then you know what taco casa is.
    my favvvvvv place when baked
  13. [quote name='"foreverSleepy"']if youre in DFW,tx then you know what taco casa is.
    my favvvvvv place when baked[/quote]

    All we got is taco bell around here :( still good and cheap though
  14. Best food while baked is something cheesy and tasty as fuck.

    But I have to admit the only reason I made it through my jaw surgery (upper/lower jaw) for three months was Cream of Rice and Velveeta cheese.
  15. lots, and lots, and lots of SODIUM!!! But really, stuff with salt is really good when baked.
  16. why's your mouth wired shut that sounds shitty lol
  17. If your in one of those states that have in and out, animal style burger and fries is the way to go.

    Jack in the box tacos. mmm Fish o Filet from Mc d's sounds good. Something from fish tacos from del taco.

    I ordered one time and the total came out to 6.66 at carls jr , that cash register lady seemed very freaked out lol.
  18. i think the taco truck would be the best place. 4 tacos for $6.
    then hop across the street for a $1 soda at mc ds
  19. Always have a sweet tooth when stoned. Dairy Queen milkshake or Peanut Buster Parfait!!
    Could use one right now.
  20. ^ damn I tried forever to figure out if your name was Porn girl lmao

    and when I'm stoned, nothing beats a frosty :) yum

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